Where to find me online

Where to find me online

I put a little informative post together so you know where to find me online. That way you can follow me on all of the different social media, just by looking at this page. Enjoy!

1. Facebook

Ella Was Here obviously has a Facebook-page! I have been on Facebook for a very long time so a Facebook-page was a necessity when I started this blog. Other than blog updates, you will see me posting about music, traveling and coffee if you like my page.

UPDATE: I am definitely going to be more active on the Ella Was Here facebook page from now on. I admit I have been neglected it in the past.

2. Instagram

If you want to know more about my every day life, you should definitely follow my Instagram account. I treat it like a little extra reward for my blog followers. I made the account after lots of blogger friends told me it was really worth-it and I totally agree. I have been having so much fun on there!

Instagram Profile I Where to find me online I Ella Was Here

3. Twitter

I love twitter, I am on there almost 24/7. If you want regular updates about my blog, cupcakes and unicorns you should follow me on there. If you desperately need my opinion on your new Pokémon sweater, you should always tweet me. I will answer quickly. And probably retweet you. Gotta Catch ‘Em All.

4. YouTube

I do not have any videos up yet but I might start YouTube at some point this year. In the meantime you can always listen to my playlist which I regularly update with great songs you might not have heard yet!

UPDATE: I am still thinking of starting a Youtube channel. I just don’t know if people would be interested in my content…  And I am a little hesitant because English isn’t my first language and I think people might not like my accent. So do let me know in the comment section if you’d like to see me start a channel!

Youtube account I Where to find me online I Ella Was Here

5. Pinterest

Most of you will know Pinterest. It is an inspiration website on which you can add beautiful pictures, recipes, fashion pieces, travel tips and more. You can create your own themed boards and other people can follow them if they are interested in the same things. Warning; you will get addicted if you decide to make an account, I have ‘wasted’ so many hours on there!

Pinterest I Plants, Interior Design, Homeware, Fashion, Beauty I Ella Was Here

6. Google Plus

Google Plus might seem a bit odd to some people. But ever since I figured out how it works, more or less, I love it and use it daily. I have found so many interesting people trough it and since it is connected to Youtube, which I actually used to hate, it is very easy to share videos you like.

7. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a website on which you can follow your favourite blogs. It will give you updates when a new posts appears and you can find so many new blogs on there using the ‘find blogs’ option!

UPDATE: I no longer support Bloglovin.

8. StumbleUpon

I do not use StumbleUpon on a daily basis but do find it entertaining from time to time. It is an website which suggest content to you based upon your interests. You can also add your own pages which will then be added to the StumbleUpon database. I tend to share the most interesting pages I find via this website on other social media as well!

UPDATE: I have since deactivated my StumbleUpon account indefinitely. I, at the moment, no longer use it.

9. Fashiolista

Fashiolista is an online fashion platform which I like to use to share some of the clothes I find while browsing through e-boutiques. I also use it to follow some fashion bloggers and interesting fashion companies. They have regular competitions on there so it is definitely worth checking out if you have not already!

UPDATE: I am no longer active on Fashiolista.

10. Tumblr 

I was really late with Tumblr… But I now adore it so much! Tumblr seriously gives me such positive vibes & I love the Tumblr community a whole lot!

Tumblr I Ella Was Here I Where to find me online

And… I am finally on Snapchat too!

I definitely still need to get used to it (lol), but I am going to try my hardest and I hope you guys enjoy my future Snaps! Find me as Ella Was Here (username: ellawashereblog). If you have any Snapchat tips for me, do give me a shout! I could use some help.

Any social media or online platforms I am not currently active on but definitely should be?

Love, Ella

Note: Updates are from March, 2017


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