Visiting The Hague: What to do when it rains during your trip

Visiting The Hague: What to do when it rains during your trip

Or alternative title: The one where Ella sits in various coffee shops all day. Back in July when I was travelling through the Netherlands for a few weeks, I decided to stop by The Hague for 3 days (2 nights). I had never been so that meant a new city to discover. I had researched quite a few interesting things I wanted to see and do. Plus it was close to the beach.

In July 2018 many parts of Europe were suffering from very high temperatures and in the Netherlands it was no different. So I thought it would be a good idea to plan in a little visit to a Dutch beach while I was there. Turns out the ONE day, I wanted to go to the beach, temperatures dropped and it started raining the whole day. The weather was just plain terrible the whole day I was there. So I had to cancel my day trip to Scheveningen beach and decided to stay in town instead.

Sweater Weather

Turns out, even that was a bit of a struggle itself. The wind was almost unbearable and it just kept on raining almost non-stop. But I only had one full day in The Hague so I decided to venture out nevertheless. The first thing I did while I was out was.. Go drink a coffee (which will be a reoccurring theme throughout the day). I then decided the bad weather was the perfect excuse to buy a new sweater so I went to the main shopping streets and looked around for a while.

I ended up finding an affordable sweater, which I love and am so happy I bought it, and put it on straight away. I then thought I’d go and see some of the major tourists spots in The Hague, even though it was raining, because I didn’t want to feel like I wasted my time in this beautiful city. I explored The Binnenhof, where the parliament holds its meetings. I saw the stunning Peace Palace and went to have a look at the beautiful Mauritshuis, a royal gallery. I did not end up going inside but I definitely should have. It would have been a great alternative to spending more time outside in the rain.

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Books and coffee

And then… It was time to have another coffee. There are quite a few nice little coffeeshops in The Hague so I had enough options. I opted for Lola Bikes & Coffee because of its extremely homey interior. I took quite a few pictures indoors because by that time I realised it was already past 3 PM and I had barely taken any pictures! The café itself is great; good coffee and plenty to discover and explore indoors. I would highly recommend stopping by if you have the chance.

By the way, that whole street ‘Noordeinde‘ has some quirky little coffee shops, little independent stores and homey brasseries so I bet you’d enjoy it even if you don’t want to drink a cup of coffee! Het Heden does an amazing lunch. The Hague Bookstore is just such a joy to visit if you love books. It’s a coffeeshop and bookstore in one! It is filled with vintage furniture, old rugs, old excentric lamps and lots and lots of books of course. Oh and I cannot forget the little stationery and gift store: Het Appeltaartgevoel (which translates as The Applepiefeeling)!

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Making the best of a rainy day

I spent a good part of the afternoon either strolling through the streets being rather cold and grumpy, drinking coffee in various locations or looking at all the stuff I’d buy if I could fit it in my tiny suitcase. And by the time the clock indicated 6 pm, I decided to go back to my hotel (I stayed in The Student Hotel The Hague). I had had enough of this dreary day. I bought some things for dinner at a local grocery store and had a cosy night in watching some Netflix in my hotel room.

Sometimes, even when travelling, you need to take some time to unwind and relax. And I always feel like rainy days are the best time to do just that! Sometimes the weather conditions aren’t great, but you just have to make the best of it anyway. I of course went travelling by myself but if you’d be travelling with friends, your partner or your family you could always bring some nice travel games with you so you can spend the evening bonding together. I have quite a few board games I love for travelling so I might end up doing a little round-up post of those one day.

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I know this post was a little different compared to what I normally write, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I cannot wait to go back to The Hague and have a proper visit! Have you ever visited the Dutch city? Any recommendations to add?


A Rainy Day Guide To The Hague

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