The Skincare Edit #1: Skincare products I’ve been trying out lately

The Skincare Edit #1: Skincare products I’ve been trying out lately

I am always trying out new skincare products in order to one day find the perfect skincare routine. I do have sensitive and dry skin so I have to be careful with what I’m using though. For the past few months I have been switching it up yet again and I’ve discovered some new great brands and products. Here are the skincare products I’ve been using lately!


The Skincare Edit


01. A-Derma Emollient Cream for face and body

The first product is one that I have been using for a long time already. I’d say it has been in my little beauty cupboard for over a year. It is a face and body cream (I only use it for my body though) for dry and easily irritated skin. I have really dry skin so having a big bottle around is definitely necessary. I tend to thoroughly apply after I get out of the shower or bath and make sure every part of my body is covered. Especially when you have dry skin, moisturizing is a priority in my opinion!

02. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Facial Mist

I got this next product out of my Lookfantastic advent calendar back in December and I have been using it almost daily ever since. It is the most refreshing facial mist I have used in a long time. It does everything what it’s supposed to do plus it doesn’t leave your face all leaky and wet after spraying. Oh and it smells good too. I am also really impressed with how much is actually in one little bottle of this product. Can you believe that I’ve been using this for over four months and it is still for about 90% full? If you are looking for a new facial mist, I would withouth a shadow of a doubt recommend the Omorovicza one!

A-Derma Emollient Cream I Skincare products I have been trying out lately I The Skincare Edit #1 I Ella Was Here

Omorovicza Facial Mist I Skincare products I have been trying out lately I The Skincare Edit #1 I Ella Was Here

03. Weleda Skin Food for dry skin

I have only recently started using this Weleda skincare product but so far I am really impressed. This might be a bit tmi (too much information) for some but I have eczema on the bottom of my feet (yup, it’s just bloody great isn’t it?!) and on my elbows. It doesn’t bother me too much throughout the day but at night I’ll get really annoyed by it so I have been putting this cream on right before I go to bed and it helps lots! I will definitely continue to use it and hopefully I’ll stay as impressed in the future.

04. Yves Rocher Marvellous Berries hand cream

You might have seen me mention this Yves Rocher hand cream before because I’ve raving about it for the past few months. It came out as part of their Christmas collection back in December and I gotta say, it’s one of the best scents they have ever done in my opinion. I have also used the shower gel and the hand wash and it’s all great. I really hope they bring it back next Christmas, under a different name maybe.

05. Clinique Deep Comfort hand and cuticle cream

Yes, I use multiple hand creams at once! It’s the same thing as with lip balms, I’ve got to have them laying around everywhere in case I’m in urgent need of one hahaha. I’ve had this Clinique hand cream before, years ago, and was happy to rediscover it when I got it for Christmas. It’s a great product and I have absolutely not a single bad word to say about it.


06. N°7 Completely Quenched Body Milk

This was yet another little product I got in an advent calendar but from Christmas 2016. I have only started using it for the past 2 months though. I had so many body milks and creams laying around and I didn’t want to open them all at once. Now about the N°7 Body Milk, it’s okay. It’s not great. I mean, I am just not that impressed with it. It does make my skin feel more nourished right after applying but I don’t see it having any long term effects. I won’t repurchase this item.

07. Caudalie Hydrating Toning Lotion & Gentle Cleansing Milk

These two Caudalie products are very recent additions to my skincare routine. I had read my friend’s blog post on the brand and really wanted to try some of their products out. So far, I am really impressed with these two products. They make my skin feel so soft and moisturized after using them and they also smell really great (which isn’t something we should downplay anyway, good smelling products are so important). I will gladly repurchase these after I run out of the travel-sized ones. I see these products becoming new staples in my skincare routine.

08. Origins Ginzing Engery-Boosting Gel Moisturizer

I also received a little Origins gift box for Christmas and seriously I was overjoyed with this present. I have been wanting to try the brand Origins out for years but I couldn’t bring myself to invest in it before. I have been trying the moisturizer daily as a facial cream for about 2 months now and I mean, I’m okay with it. It does moisturize my face and has every effect you’d want it to have but I just don’t think I’m a fan of gel moisturizers. I don’t think I’ll repurchase this product.

09. Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-Enriched Cream

I really wanted to end this list on a high note so here’s a product I have been swooning over lately. I am so impressed with this night cream by Origins. It applies easily. It makes my face feel super smooth and moisturized. AND I can see visible improvement (my skin visibly looks better) when I wake up in the mornings. I just love this product and will gladly repurchase after I run out (trying to make it last forever though).

Oh boy, that was quite a long post. I am forever on the hunt for the perfect skincare routine. I’ll always gladly try out new brands and products so I can see what ends up working for me and what doesn’t. I hope I’ll find the perfect set of skincare products one day! When trying out new products, it is essential to listen to your skin. And that’s exactly what I have been doing in 2018! What skincare products have you been loving lately?

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