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Plant Diary #2: Where to get your indoor plant pots

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I have been adding indoor plants to my home for about 2 years now. I have accumulated quite a few plants over the years so I really needed to look for more affordable places to purchase unique plant pots. I have always wanted a home with lots of indoor plants and I rather invest a bit of money in buying the actual plants than the plant pots. So I thought I’d list a few of my favourite places to get indoor plant pots. This might come in very handy if your are looking into adding more greenery into your home.

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Ella’s Plant Diary #1

Ever since I moved out and got my own little apartment, I have loved adding greenery to my home. I never really payed much attention to plants before. However, I have grown fond of spending time with my plants. I think I’ve become a plant lady (I still love cats don’t worry). It is one of the rare moments I can truly relax, while I spend time with my plants (which almost sounds like spending time with your family or loved ones). Anyone else have this? No? Just me then.

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