10 Things To Make Me Smile #6

I know I say this all the time but can you believe it’s nearly June already?! It’s almost summertime baby! There are quite a few changes coming up here on Ella Was Here but before it’s time to reveal all…

10 Things That Make Me Smile #5

Anyone else finally tired of the cold weather? Do not get me wrong winter is my favourite season and I love snow but I am really looking forward to spring. The weather has been too dark and moody for too…

Hello there!

I am Ella, a 26-year-old from Belgium. I graduated as a journalist and now have a blog to write about everything I love about life.

You'll find lots of travel posts on the blog as well as personal, indoor gardening, cooking, DIY and more general lifestyle posts on Ella Was Here.

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5 Netflix series to watch in 2018

I must admit I watch way more Netflix than I probably should. I love a relaxing evening at home watching a good movie or series while eating a delicious snack all cozy in bed. And boy, have I watched a lot…

8 Books to read in 2018

Finally time for my first post of the year! I hope you have all had a lovely holiday period and I wish you all the best for 2018. May all your dreams come true. I have been reading more the…

Beauty Favourites 2017

It’s December so finally time for some holiday related content! It has been ages since I have done a beauty blog post on Ella Was Here. Mainly because I just do not have that much makeup and also because I…

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10 Things That Make Me Smile #4

I love the colder months. It’s my favourite time of the year! I can’t wait for December, to eat all the Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) candy and to start decorating for Christmas. There’s plenty of festive blog content on its way. But let’s just…

10 Things that make me smile #3

Lately, well not really lately, but for a pretty long time I’ve been too focused on the negative moments in my life. It makes me even more stressed and generally feeling bad nearly every day. In an effort to change…

The soundtrack of my life

It has been a couple of years since I have last chatted about music on Ella Was Here. And I really miss it! Music is a big part of my life. I mean, I know I can’t sing, or dance,…

25 Things To Do Before You’re 30

It’s already April! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. It feels like Christmas was just a few weeks ago. But I am really glad that the days are getting longer and that it finally is warm enough to go…

My favourite online blogging resources

Blogging is a lot of fun but most of us would love to have extra resources to help stay organised and to make the whole process easier. I have been blogging for a while now and I have discovered a…

10 reasons why you should start blogging

I have been blogging for almost a year now. The time has flown by so quickly. It has been one crazy but amazing journey. I would definitely encourage anyone who is thinking of starting a blog to just do it!