Returning to Rotterdam: Which places did I end up revisiting? + Why Rotterdam was my first stop!

Returning to Rotterdam: Which places did I end up revisiting? + Why Rotterdam was my first stop!

If you happen to have stumbled upon this article by mere chance, my blog might be totally new to you so here’s a short introduction: I’m Ella, a 26-year-old lifestyle blogger from Belgium and I have recently decided to take some time off to travel the world (article here). I visited Rotterdam about a year ago on a short city break with a friend and I decided that I wanted to start my little trip around the world ‘TATW’ there as well.


Because I loved visiting the city the first time I was there. And I wanted to start in a city, in a country, that was pretty familiar to me, so I could ease into all the travelling. I have been saving for this TATW for a long time so I was really looking forward to my first trip, which is probably also why I chose a destination that just couldn’t disappoint. That makes sense right?

My lovely Rotterdam

Vibrant, modern, unique, pretty much the complete opposite of Amsterdam if we’re talking architecture. BUT, that doesn’t make Rotterdam any less interesting. If you like cool unique buildings, modern architecture, street art, cute little concept stores and lots of good food, I’d say; Rotterdam is the right place for you!

I originally wrote a few articles about my first visit to the Dutch city and I thought it would be interesting for you to see which places I ended up revisiting (I mean, that counts as an extra good recommendation for those places right?!).

At Bertmans Rotterdam.

At Keet.

I genuinely missed these places!

I am not even joking around here, going back to Rotterdam made it extra exciting because I new I would be able to visit certain places again! Of course one of my first stops had to be Bertmans Rotterdam for a good pancake breakfast and iced coffee. I have been dreaming about that iced coffee all year, which is also why I ended up ordering not one but two! The food is absolutely delicious and the staff is super friendly as well, they’re always in for a chat. Plus they recently opened a new, second, location in the city centre of Rotterdam so if you don’t want to walk to the first location, which is about 20 minutes by foot from the Rotterdam Central Station, I’d check that one out as well.

Secondly, I just had to stop by Keet again. It’s a cute little concept store where you can enjoy a good coffee and have a browse around the shop (homeware, baby bits and bops, stationery and more) at the same time. I previously dedicated a whole blog post to the store (yes, I was that excited about it!) so if you want to know more about the store, you can read it here.

I also returned (twice!) to Boca’s for a cheeky plate of nachos (and some other treats). The food was as delicious as I remember but we did have one very unfriendly staff member which put a damper on the second night I was there. However, I’ve now been there quite a few times so I would still recommend it nevertheless!

Of course I did see some sights as well…

I ended up revisiting pretty much all of the famous landmarks and touristy place in Rotterdam. Once by myself and once while showing some of my hostel mates around. It was as pretty as I remember. Last time I visited I did not get to see the harbour by night, which I did get to do this time around. Safe to say that it did not disappoint! It’s absolutely worth a visit by nighttime, just so you can see all the lights flickering in the water.

The nice thing about Rotterdam is that even though I wouldn’t see myself living there long-term, I can see it becoming one of those cities I’ll always end up coming back to. I’m sure the city isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I would highly recommend visiting!

Have you ever been to the Netherlands? If so, which places did you end up visiting?


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