Plant Diary #2: Where to get your indoor plant pots

Plant Diary #2: Where to get your indoor plant pots

I have been adding indoor plants to my home for about 2 years now. I have accumulated quite a few plants over the years so I really needed to look for more affordable places to purchase unique plant pots. I have always wanted a home with lots of indoor plants and I rather invest a bit of money in buying the actual plants than the plant pots. So I thought I’d list a few of my favourite places to get indoor plant pots. This might come in very handy if your are looking into adding more greenery into your home.


Where to get your indoor plant pots


1. Thrift stores or second-hand shops

My favourite place to get plant pots is my local thrift store. They not only regularly add new stuff to their selection, it’s super affordable too. If you are looking to add some smaller plants to your home, this is the place to go. My local thrift store has so much choice. I tend to pop by once a week (I know!) to see if they have anything new in store.

Your local second-hand shop or thrift store is a great option too if you are looking for more unique items. Don’t forget to check the cups and saucers isle. I have found quite a few gems there. And I love the look of a tiny succulent or cactus in a tiny little cup. The vast majority of my plant pots are from the thrift store. Sometimes I end up painting them if they aren’t my preferred colour, but that’s hardly an inconvenience as I love doing DIYs.

Indoor gardening I Where I buy my indoor plant pots I Ella Was Here

The plant pot in the middle is from the thrift store, I painted it white. The one on the left is also from the thrift store.

Magazine details I Where I buy my indoor plant pots I Ella Was Here

2. Flea markets or ‘Free for taking’

I don’t often go to flea markets as there are just not many around these days but when I do I always try to look out for a few nice plant pots, old vases, cups, saucers and so on. Anything that I could make into a nice plant storage solution.

And I don’t know if you come accross this where you live, but over here, people sometimes put the stuff they no longer need on the street with a board ‘free for taking’ next to it. I remember getting a couple of white plant pots this way a while ago. Nice little staple pieces to add to my collection. White is always a great option for plant pots as they, in my opinion, make the whole look come together.

3. Garden centers

There is absolutely no harm in looking at the plant pots that your local garden centers have on offer. I find them sometimes a bit overpriced so you do have to be pretty strict if you don’t want to spend too much money. I have bought pots from Aveve and Intratuin before, good quality and quite affordable.

4. Online

If I can’t find a plant pot I like in any of the previously mentioned options, I tend to have a look online. However, this has two main disadvantages. For one, it’s hard to imagine how the pot will look in real life. And two, it can easily become much more expensive. I did buy some nice plant pots from Vtwonen and from Dille & Kamille before. I would definitely recommend the ones from that second store, affordable and pretty!

DIY your plant pots I Ella Was Here

I haven’t yet found a perfect pot for this plant so I DIYed the plastic container it comes in and put a cute thrift store plate on the bottom.

Plants in white IKEA cupboard I Where I buy my plant pots I Ella Was Here

And we are already at the end of another blog post. When I moved into this apartment, I chose to opt for smaller plants so that, If I were to move in the future, I could easily place them in other parts of my new place. However, I am definitely going to invest in some bigger plants in the next few years. Greenery makes your home feel so much more alive. So definitely keep an eye out for more Plant Diary posts in the future.

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