4 Books to read in 2015

Ever since I was a little kid I loved being lost in imaginary worlds created by authors. A book was a temporarily escape from the ordinary world. Just for a while you could imagine that you were there at Hogwarts when Harry…

Where to find me online

I put a little informative post together so you know where to find me online. That way you can follow me on all of the different social media, just by looking at this page. Enjoy!

Hello there!

I am Ella, a 26-year-old from Belgium. I graduated as a journalist and now have a blog to write about everything I love about life.

You'll find lots of travel posts on the blog as well as personal, indoor gardening, cooking, DIY and more general lifestyle posts on Ella Was Here.


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Is the Invisibobble worth the hype?

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a fabulous end of 2014 and do not forget to start 2015 with a big smile. The Invisibobble is a much-hyped product so I thought I would take a chance, buy it and try…

6 months blogaversary Giveaway (Closed)

I am so excited to be finally hosting a giveaway on Ella Was Here. I will be blogging for 6 months on  27 December 2014, which seems like the perfect time to host my first giveaway. I never thought I would love blogging…

Sexual harassment and feminism

This is not a post I expected to write any time soon. But after a frustrating conversation a couple of weeks ago I thought it was necessary to talk to you about sexual harassment.

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Getting organised: 8 tips for decluttering your life offline & online

Getting organised is easier said than done. I have always had some tools helping me with organisation but I had a lack of writing things down. I made lists in my head but not on paper. When I started this…

Being positive on the web

“That girls does not deserve all the attention she gets”. “How can she be so annoying, I really hate it when she talks in her videos.” “That guy looks so gay in his latest blog post.”  These are only a few of…

10 things that make me smile

I have always found writing about the things I love really calming and also in a way quite satisfying. Doing what I love makes me feel happy and self-content. So writing about things that make me smile should have twice that effect,…

Feel-good songs: 10 songs that will cheer you up

Whenever I am sad, I listen to music. I somehow find comfort in the melody and lyrics. Listening to feel-good music always makes me feel better. So I created a list in the hope it will cheer you up on sad days as…

How to shop online: 10 useful tips about online shopping

I love to shop online! Sitting in your sweatpants on an afternoon, not wearing a bra, drinking a cup of coffee and being able to shop at the same time. That is what I call a perfect afternoon! I have learned many things about online shopping…

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