New Blog Design!

New Blog Design!

A few months ago, I felt the need for change creeping upon me again. Every year or so I tend to get tired of my blog design and I just long for some change. And after a while, contemplating whether it was worth the time and money, I decided to just take a chance and change it up again! And here’s the result.


Why the change?

I actually was rather pleased with my previous design. It worked perfectly, the designers were helpful and it looked good. But I felt like I needed something a bit more interactive. I got bored of the same old blog homepage design. Plus I wanted a design that could grow with my blog. And I think this new design (created by Pipdig) comes close.

There are definitely some little changes I still want to make in the future, so you might see some little updates here and there in the next few months. But this is how Ella Was Here is gonna look for the foreseable future. AND I hope you guys enjoy the new look! Do have a little browse around and let me know what you think!

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What’s new?

The biggest change is definitely the homepage. Although there still is a chronological order when displaying the blog posts, the focus is now on both the title and the picture of a post. I felt like this didn’t come through in my previous design. There are more posts displayed so that you get to pick your favourite to read immediately as you enter Ella Was Heretoo.

The sidebar has disappeared on the homepage. As I stated before, I really wanted a more interactive look and this makes it feel more, I don’t know, adventurous, if you know what I mean? There still is a little ‘meet the blogger section‘ so new readers can get to know me right off the bat, when they first visit the homepage of the blog.

But no need to be worried! I still have a sidebar for the vast majority of my blog posts. I will be experimenting with full-width blog posts in the future but I feel like a post with a sidebar is just easier to read. Do let me know your thoughts on that in the comment section below!

This blog design also came with a few new widgets, which I am loving! There’s this lovely little ‘travel widget’, which tells you where I’m at at the moment, so you can keep up-to-date with my adventures. There’s also a new ‘social media widget’ which I have customised to my own liking. I like how it shows a follower count at the footer of my blog. It will be nice extra to see these numbers grow over the next few months.

You’ll definitely notice that I got rid of my old blog logo too. To be honest, I loved the old logo but the lettering below the big ‘Ella’ was hardly readable and I needed to change it up. Since my old logo was made by a designer and because at the moment I don’t want to pay for a redesign of the logo, I decided to make my own. And I’m very pleased with the result. I also brought some more homemade design elements into the theme, which I’m sure you’ll notice when you are ready to discover the new blog by yourself.

Oh and last but not least, I brought some different colours into the design too! I totally recommend having a little browse and discover all the new little details for yourself.


What’s up next for the blog?

Well… I really want to start posting more often, but I’m not gonna set myself a schedule either because I want it to stay organic. If I don’t have any energy, time or creativity for a blog post, I am not going to force it either. Quality over quantity, always.

BUT… There’s more exciting news coming! I’m gonna keep that a secret for a few more days! Keep your eyes tuned for some big announcements in the next few DAYS!



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