Nail Polish DIY Phone Case

Nail Polish DIY Phone Case

A few weeks ago my old phone died and you really can’t live without a phone nowadays, so I bought a new phone and a case to go along with it. However, when I finally got the case I noticed it was faulty. So I returned it and asked for a new one… And, believe it or not, the new one had the exact same issue! So this time I asked for a refund and since the case was faulty anyway, I was told to throw it away as the company had no use for it anymore.

But then I started thinking… What if I remove the print on the case and DIY a new phone case myself?

Nail Polish DIY Phone Case Supplies I Ella Was Here Supplies Nail Polish DIY Phone Case I Ella Was Here

And . . . That is exactly what I did!


I love DIYing with nail polish as it is such an easy product to use and I have way too many nail polishes at home anyway! Plus, if you make a mistake you can just use nail polish remover and start again. Super easy to DIY if you are a beginner!


What you’ll need:

 Various shades of nail polish (I used black HEMA and white 2B)

 A nail polish top coat (mine is from the brand HEMA)

 Cotton pads & nail polish remover

 And a clear phone case of course!

Don’t forget to put a protective cover under your phone case before starting this DIY. And if you don’t have an old phone case laying around, try looking in a dollar store for a cheap one. I even saw super affordable ones in Flying Tiger the other day. This is a super affordable DIY as I already had all of the necessary supplies. So before you buy anything, check if you have any of these at home first!

Phone case DIY with nail polish I Ella Was Here

Black nailpolish on phone case DIY I Ella Was Here

On to the Diy  .  .  .

This is optional but if there is a faulty print or a design on your case already, remove it first. I was able to rip my faulty design off in less than a minute. Super easy! If this doesn’t work for you, try using a scouring pad to remove the print. I decided to leave the black border around mine as I really liked the look of it on my phone!

Once your case is totally clear, you can start dripping your first shade of nail polish onto your phone case. Unlike the technique I used with the marble pinecones DIY, you should use the nail polish brush to lightly drip nail polish onto your case. I do not advise using the whole bottle, as too much polish will come out at once and it will just create an ugly mess.

When you’re finished with the first colour you can go straight ahead with the second colour. And then with all the other colours you’d like to use. The most important part of this DIY is letting it dry for a long time BEFORE applying your top coat. I let mine dry over the weekend and then applied a clear top coat all over the back side of the case. Let the case dry again for a good few days and there you go…

Your new DIY phone case is ready!

DIY your own phone case with nailpolish I Ella Was Here Nail Polish DIY Phone Case I Ella Was Here Phone Case DIY Nail Polish I Ella Was Here

I’ve been using mine for a good few weeks and it still looks almost as good as new. I am so pleased with the result and can’t believe how easy this was to make. In matter of fact the only thing you can do wrong is applying your top coat to fast. Nail polish on your phone case won’t dry as fast as on your nails so just keep that in mind. I will definitely be trying my own DIY again with different colours because I really love the result! If you end up trying this DIY for yourself, do send me a picture of the result!

Would you like to see some autumn diys? Or winter isnpired ones maybe? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Ella

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