My favourite online blogging resources

My favourite online blogging resources

Blogging is a lot of fun but most of us would love to have extra resources to help stay organised and to make the whole process easier. I have been blogging for a while now and I have discovered a few helpful websites along the way. That is why I am sharing my favourite online blog resources with you today!

1. Picmonkey

Picmonkey is like ‘a good colleague’ to the blogger world, most of us have known about Picmonkey ever since we first started blogging but it can still surprise you once and a while. Even though I have Photoshop now, I still use Picmonkey now and then because it is so easy to use! You can not only edit photos but also make blog buttons, social media buttons and do much more with it. And all of that for free! You can opt for the paid version, which gives you more features, but I don’t find that necessary.

2. Canva

Canva is another one of my favourite blogging resources. It is great for making pretty social media headers, blog headers and even pretty documents (like a blog media kit for example). Once you’ve made an account it is very easy-to-use and it will store all of your designs online. If your laptop ends up crashing one day, you will still have all of your design stored online! I have to admit that the website has its compatibility issues once and a while but it is nothing major and the Canva team is really helpful whenever you ask them for help.

3. Creative Market

I have been raving about Creative Market on social media (especially twitter) for a while now. I am obsessed with it! It is an online market place on which independent designers can sell their graphics, blog designs, pictures, logos and more. I have bought a few fonts, vectors (and even a blog design) on there and everything turned out great. They have regular promotions like monthly bundles and once you sign up (which is free) you can download 6 free designs (fonts, vectors etc.) every week!

Example: The font I used for the subtitles was bought on Creative Market!

4. Death to the Stock

This next one is a great little blogging secret. Sign up to Death To The Stock (DTTS) and every month you will get a free photo bundle in your mailbox. These stock photos aren’t terrible unlike most other stock photos. A DTTS-photo is a great alternative if you are unable to take blog pictures because the weather has been terrible all week!

5. TweetDeck

Most bloggers have heard of TweetDeck. It is a desktop app which I use for scheduling tweets and following twitter chats. Twitter chats can be super busy and hard to follow if you’re using the regular app on your phone or just use the website. I create different collumns (one for the chat hashtag, one for the host, one for my notifications and one with my home feed). They are all next to each other on one screen which makes following the chats so much easier!

6. Pinterest

I know I have been talking about Pinterest rather a lot lately but it is not only a great source of inspiration, bloggers! I have a blogger resource board on which I pin every helpful post I’ve ever read/encountered while spending time on the internet. If I ever need to look something up again, I know I have the best and most helpful posts right there on my Pinterest.

What are your favourite online resources?

Love, Ella

 Disclaimer: I am a Creative Market partner. However, all views and opinions are my own. I would not recommend any of these links If I did not use and love them myself.