My favourite homeware shops

My favourite homeware shops

I have been wanting to do more homeware and interior design blog posts. And I noticed that my most read post in 2017 was a homeware related post so it was about time I wrote another one. I absolutely love buying new things for my apartment. I find it really hard to contain myself and not buy yet another cup or storage basket when I see one I love.

I have been trying to save money but sometimes, I just can't help myself. I just had to buy that beautiful serving tray or that gorgeous little white cup and saucer. I love Scandinavian inspired interiors and that is the look I want to recreate in my home. You will see a lot of white and wood coming back in my interior. I love having a few basic items in my home so I can add different pops of colour depending on the season.


My favourite hoemware shops I Ella Was Here My favourite homeware shops I Ella Was Here

Without further ado... Here are my favourite places to buy homeware!

1. Casa

Casa is a Belgian chain store with stores in a bunch of European countries. They have an amazing range of homeware and kitchen essentials. Plus they change their collections regularly. I often (yes, really often, like at least once a week often) stop by after work to see if they have some new things in store.

Price range: very affordable to affordable

Where: stores in Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Aruba, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria

Ella's Favourite: This is a difficult one because they have so many lovely things in at the moment. But I currently have my eye on another storage basket of Casa! So affordable and really good quality.


2. Dille & Kamille

Dille & Kamille is a Dutch homeware store started in the 70's in Utrecht but there are now stores all over The Netherlands and Belgium. They not only sell homeware but you will also find plants, condiments, herbs, bath products and more in their shops. It's definitely a kind of vintagey, Scandinavian inspired store. Which is why I probably go there so much. I love this store, so definitely pay a visit if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood!

Price range: affordable

Where: stores & online in Belgium and The Netherlands

Ella's Favourite: I have been looking for a good way to store some magazines in my little bathroom and I think I found the perfect solution at Dille & Kamille. This wooden wall rack, would go perfect in my home!


3. VT Wonen

I have been a little obsessed with VT Wonen ever since I got my own little apartment. VT Wonen is not only an interior design magazine but they also have a webshop with an amazing range of brands. Honestly, I spend way too much time browsing through their shop. There is something in my basket at all times. My favourite brands that they sell: Casa Vivante, Bloomingville, Madam Stoltz, LaForma, Hkliving, Nordal, FEST Amsterdam and Serax. Just to name a few.

Price range: affordable to expensive

Where: online with delivery in Belgium and The Netherlands

Ella's Favourite: The new Bloomingville collection looks amazing!

Great homeware shops to check out I Ella Was Here

4. Westwing

I was introduced to Westwing a few years ago, through a tv advert. I knew of the store but they didn't deliver to Belgium so I didn't bother looking at their stuff. But I am so glad they now do and have made quite a few purchases since. They have 2 webshops. One is a traditional store, which they only just launched (WestwingNow). Westwing itself is a webshop that does online sales with discounted homeware and furniture. A sale usually only lasts a few days and there is a limited quantity of every product. So you better be quick if you really want to get something before someone else buys it and it is sold out. Delivery takes a little longer as they only ship everything once the sale is finished.

Price range: affordable to expensive

Where: online on Westwing & WestwingNow with delivery in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Brazil and more

Ella's Favourite: WestwingNow has this beautiful gold & pink armchair in their collection. It is a little out there but I think it looks absolutely wonderful and I wish I could afford it!


5. Hema

Hema, Hema, Hema, a good old favourite of mine. This Dutch chain stores sells everything, from homeware to clothes to makeup. When I was a teenager, I used to love the store for their wide range of stationery and have gotten quite a few homeware bits from them ever since I first moved out. I only wish they would bring more new collections out, I would love to get myself some new homeware bits Hema!

Price range: very affordable to affordable

Where: Online and in stores in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, the U.K., Germany

Ella's Favourite: Their home decoration section


6. Maisons Du Monde

I have previously mentioned Maisons Du Monde on Ella Was Here and haven't stopped loving their wide range of furniture since. They have since opened quite a few stores in Belgium and I am so pleased with this evolution. It's definitely easier to imagine how a product would look in your home when you get to see it beforehand.

Price range: affordable

Where: online and in stores. Ships to most European countries.

Ella's Favourite: I have my eye on this lovely teak bench for in my hallway. I have been looking for something natural looking but also functional. And I think this bench might be it.

Wooden detail I Ella Was Here

Le monde en tube I Ella Was Here

Homeware things I Ella Was Here

Pictured: Meraki scented candle Sandalwood & Jasmine, all white cups and mugs are from Dille & Kamille, glass vase Thrift Store, dried weath Dille & Kamille, wooden coasters CASA, white pot with wooden top Habitat, wooden spoon Dille & Kamille, indoor plants and pots Intratuin, glass vase round Serax, small wooden bowls Habitat, candle IKEA, white spoon CASA, Spices Le Monde En Tube, small grey pot HK Living.

I might end up doing a furniture and homeware wishlist post soon as I really loved listing all of my current favourites. Do let me know if you are interested in that!

What are your favourite homeware stores?


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