Making My Own Motivational Photo Journal

Making My Own Motivational Photo Journal
DISCLAIMER: I was kindly asked to try out one of their products by Fotofabriek for free. However, all views and opinions are my own. I will always give my honest opinion and would never recommend anything that I do not love.


The online photo service, Fotofabriek, approached me a few weeks ago to see if I was willing to try their online photograph album editor. And of course I said yes! I love taking pictures and to be able to have them printed out in a lovely photo album was even better. But I didn’t want to create a plain old photo album so after giving it some thought I came up with the ‘Motivational Photo Journal’ idea.

I wanted something to glance through when I was feeling a little down and uninspired. Something that would instantly make me feel better. Something to get the ideas flowing. And so that’s exactly what I created. I decided to go with my Instagram theme (moody yellow tints) as to keep the aesthetic going. I also found some quotes and sayings that I loved and put them in the journal too. Then, I added some of my favourite lifestyle pictures that I took in the past few months. I created different layouts and purposely did not put a picture on every page. I love the whole look and feel of the journal, it kinda feels like a little magazine and that’s exactly what I wanted to create! I honestly could not be happier with the result.

I named my journal ‘Start over, darling‘ as a lot of big things are happening in my life lately and I was in need of a fresh start. I’m hoping I can look back at this album in a few years and see how far I’ve come and how many things have changed for the better!

Start over darling I Create your own Motivational Journal ONLINE I Ella Was Here Loving Yourself is the greatest revolution I Creating your own motivational journal online I Ella Was Here

I love the idea of creating your own Motivational Journal with an online photo editor. It’s something different and a bit more unique than the regular old photo album. Plus I think I will grab a hold of this more often, just to browse through. I’m thinking, I might create another one in a year or so, just as a part 2 of the journal. As journals are always ever going and hopefully I can see how much progress I’ve made in the years to come.


Want to create your own Motivational Journal online?

Here are some tips:

01. Don’t start with the cover. Let the inspiration flow and the idea for the perfect album cover will come. It’s after all the most important part of the journal.

02. Experiment with different page lay-outs, just like you would with a regular pen & paper journal. There are so many possibilities with the online photo album editor that it would be a shame to not take advantage of it!

03. Choose one main colour that you’ll use throughout the whole journal. It’ll make the whole journal look more well put together. It’ll feel nicer to browse through later on, trust me on that!

04. Experiment with fonts and font-sizes. That’s probably the only mistake I made while making my Motivational Journal. I made the font size on some of my pages too big. If I’d make this one again, I’d probably go for something smaller, a little bit more dainty.

05. Don’t finish it in one day. I mean, you can definitely do that but I always, even when writing blog posts for Ella Was Here, try to take a break in between writing and editing so that I can have a ‘fresh look’ when I revisit the blog post later on. I did the same with the journal and it helped to get the inspiration flowing.

06. The online photo editor will tell you if your pictures are of a good enough quality but do bare that in mind when choosing pictures for your own journal. The picture might look nice on your computer screen but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look as good on paper.

07. Have fun! Seriously, this is YOUR journal. It’s something unique and meant for nobody else but you. Sure you can give one away as a gift but if you are making one for yourself it’s meant to inspire YOU. Just create what you want to create. Above all, it needs to be something you love.

If you’d like to create your own Motivational Journal, you can start creating one with Fotofabriek here (ships to The Netherlands and Belgium only at the moment). My journal was a hardcover A4 (the quality is amazing!) but you can pick a different size of course. If you end up creating your own journal be sure to send me a picture of the result, I’d love to see your creations! Oh and you might recognise some of the pictures in my journal, from my Instagram too! 

DISCLAIMER: I was kindly asked to try out one of their products by Fotofabriek for free. However, all views and opinions are my own. I will always give my honest opinion and would never recommend anything that I do not love.

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