Let’s make it shine! Xala led lights review

Let’s make it shine! Xala led lights review

I love introducing you to new home bits. As you probably know I love interior design and I couldn’t be happier with these 2 recent additions to my little apartment: the Xala led lights, Lilly and Olly! And what makes this even better; Xala is a Belgian brand and I love introducing you to Belgian design.


Why I love Lilly & Olly :


The design!

Both Lilly (the small one) & Olly (the bigger one) are designed by the Belgian NUUV. Although led lights are a more recent invention, I love how they have an ‘older’ vintage look to them and I think they fit well within my scandi home. I got a new bed a few weeks ago and have had these lights in my bedroom ever since. I love the not so obvious combination with my wooden bedframe. Plus they are absolutely wonderful to have on at night when you want to be all cozied up in bed and don’t need as much light. They even can be turned on/off with a remote control so no need to get out of bed!

Although these lights seem plain at first, you can easily customize them with the different colour options for the handle. When you buy a Lilly or an Olly led light, you automatically get a few different handle options which you can easily switch around, depending on your preference. I know gold is very in right now but there are other options to choose from if you prefer something else! I love the gold, green and black options but I’m less keen on the neon orange one.

Customizable led lights by Belgian brand Xala I Review I Ella Was Here

 Easy to charge & no electricity needed

These lights are so convenient! The charger is equipped with a USB port and the charging station is magnetic. So if you’re forgetful, like I am, and you try to take your Olly or Lilly out of the charging dock, it won’t come off easily. Your product will last longer because you won’t drop it as fast. Once fully charged you can unplug the led lamp and place wherever you want them, inside or outside! They don’t need to be plugged in in order to work. Which is perfect for outdoor use!

Charging Station for the Xala Led Lights Olly & Lilly I Review I Ella Was Here Easy to charge led lights by XALA I Review I Ella Was Here


I never knew how much I needed remote-controlled lamps before I got these. I’ve mentioned it before but they are just so convenient. I can watch a movie in my bed and have the Olly led light on at the opposite side of my room. And because I’m obviously way too lazy to get out of bed to turn the main lights off, I usually turn them off before I get in bed. But I can have my Olly light on and just turn it off when the movie is finished while still in bed (!).

Remote control led light XALA I Review I Ella Was Here

And on top of that you can also adjust the brightness of these lights. You can even make it flicker like a candle. However, I am not a fan of that setting. It annoys me when I see it flicker in the background. Which, I know, is weird as I love candles! I find that I’m using both lights even more now the days are getting shorter. They give off such warm light that makes my bedroom look all cozy and warm!

I never expected to love these lights as much but I do, I love them! They come in so handy in my home and I’ve used them nearly every evening since I got them. My dad even wanted to snatch one to use on his patio in the evening. So I might need to get my parents one for Christmas!

XALA Led Light Olly Handle I Review I Ella Was Here

Olly Led Light I Review I Ella Was Here Lilly Led Light by Xala I Review I Ella Was Here Closeup Lilly Led light by XALA I Review I Ella Was Here

What home bits and bops have you added to your home lately? Anything autumn or winter inspired?

Love, Ella


DISCLAIMER: The products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for review by Croix Chatelain (More info on their websitefacebook or twitter). However, all views and opinions are my own. I will always give my honest opinion and would never recommend anything that I do not love.


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