Is the Invisibobble worth the hype?

Is the Invisibobble worth the hype?

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a fabulous end of 2014 and do not forget to start 2015 with a big smile. The Invisibobble is a much-hyped product so I thought I would take a chance, buy it and try it out for you!

Invisibobble Hair ring review // Ella Was Here

The Invisibobble is ‘a traceless hair ring’ which can be use instead of a regular hair tie. It is made out of plastic eco-friendly material and can be recycled. I bought myself a set of 3 hair rings in the colour brown but they are available in a bunch of different colours. I personally like the shades close to my actual hair colour the most but they do have very bright neon colours available if you fancy something a bit more striking.


You are supposed to use the hair ring the exact same way as a regular hair tie and that is what I did. It was a bit strange stretching the Invisibobble in the beginning as I kept on thinking it would break or that it would not shrink to its original size. But I am pleased to be able to tell you that it has not broken yet, even after applying reasonable force. It shrinks after using it but not to its original size.

The most important feature of the Invisibobble is that it is traceless. You should be able to wear it in your hair all day without it leaving any kinks after removing it. Again, I was skeptical at first but it really does not leave any marks on your hair. That is pretty incredible, if you ask me!

The Invisibobble A traceless hair ring // Ella Was Here

Strong grip?

The Invisibobble’s grip is not as strong as a regular hair tie. I would not recommend using it for a braid as it will not stay on long enough. However, I like to use it to make a messy bun or a loose ponytail. It does not feel as tight and is, compared to some other hair ties, not painful for the scalp at all. I can whip my ponytail back and forth without it losing grip. And that is firm enough for me.


I ended up using it far more than I originally planned because I enjoyed them so much. The Invisibobble is, in my opinion, definitely worth the hype. You can buy a little set of 3 hair rings online at Feel Unique for 4.80 euros (or £3.75).

Have you used the Invisibobble?

Love, Ella



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