House Doctor Storage Jars

House Doctor Storage Jars

I have been obsessed with decorating ever since I moved out and got my own little space. I now live in a small apartment and even though the apartment itself is not entirely my style (I had to compromise), I do love making it my own. I hardly had any furniture or homeware when I moved out so I get to buy quite a few things. I recently purchased a set of House Doctor Storage Jars. They had been on my wishlist for a while and I am so happy that I finally got them!

I love Scandinavian interior design and so it was only natural, that I gravitated towards the Danish brand, House Doctor. The brand has so many nice homeware and furniture bits. And I can’t wait for my next purchase. But I had to start from scratch when buying furniture, so I am trying to buy some of the bigger furniture pieces first. They will make the whole look and feel of the apartment more cohesive. It is hard, but it is also worth it!

That said, I couldn’t resist these cute storage jars. The jars will not only go great in my kitchen but are also a nice way to save some space in my kitchen cabinets. I have very limited space in my kitchen area so I am looking for different ways to store thins on top of my cupboards.

I am sure I will move them around quite a bit, until I have found a place I am totally and 100% happy with keeping them there. I do this with pretty much all my homeware bits. I am also thinking of adding some shelves. I bet these jars would also look great on a pretty set of shelves. I can even see the smaller jars in the bathroom. Put a homemade scrub or some bath salts in the 125ml size for example & finish it off with a tiny spoon. And there you go!

Picture perfect . . .


“she was a wanderer at heart but oh she loved drinking this coffee from this mug in this chair. Oh how she loved to be home.”


You can buy these jars separately or as a set. I bought the set for 28 euros, which I thought was very affordable. I might be buying some extra jars, if I ever do get those shelves. As you can see, I put various things in mine. I found it really handy to have my breakfast cereal in one of the jars as well. It is so easy to grab and go in the morning when I have to get to work!

I am definitely going to show you more of my new place in upcoming posts. I love decorating and am excited to share that passion with you. I just need the sun to work with me for a change so I can take brighter pictures!

Do you have any homeware bits on your wishlist?

Love, Ella