Getting organised: 8 tips for decluttering your life offline & online

Getting organised: 8 tips for decluttering your life offline & online

Getting organised is easier said than done. I have always had some tools helping me with organisation but I had a lack of writing things down. I made lists in my head but not on paper. When I started this blog, I knew this needed to change. And I got more practical, offline and online. Today I am sharing some of my favourite tips for decluttering your life offline and online.

1. Get a pocket agenda or planner

I had an agenda for ages but I never took good use of it. Previous ones always had something ‘wrong’ with it and it eventually stopped me from keeping my schedule updated. I now have a small one (bought at Hema) which I keep in my bag at all times and a bigger one at home, on my desk. This gives me the opportunity to schedule and reschedule on the move. The smaller agenda is slightly less organised but the bigger one has colour codes and everything.

You do not need a second planner but I strongly suggest you buy a pocket agenda or planner. If you keep it up-to-date your life will become much easier!

2. Take notes in a notebook

The next tip might seem pretty straight-forward to some of you but it is an important one. Avoid taking notes on random pieces of paper. Buy a small notebook instead. I bought mine at Hema (they are great at stationary) and whenever an idea for a new post hits me, when I am in the store or buying groceries, I just write it down.

You are most creative at the strangest times. So make writing them down a habit. When you are out of ideas for that new blog post or when you need a new catch phrase for that marketing campaign, the notebook will come in helpful.

3. Work on a desk

Most people have laptops nowadays. Which makes it very easy to go and try to do your homework in your bed or in front of the television. Having a beautiful and tidy desk will keep those 2 parts of your life separate. Don’t worry, it is still okay to write that report in your bed as long as you go to your desk the next morning to finish it. And always clean your desk.

4. Make lists

Lists are a great way to keep tabs on all your assignments and tasks. I usually make weekly lists because daily ones are a little to strict for me. I tend to get stressed when I cannot complete them in a day. So a weekly one gives me more of a stretch. Not a list person? You can always just write down your monthly goals. It still gives you a bit of structure but is not that time-sensitive.

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5. Colour code your assignments

I previously mentioned that I colour code the assignments in my agenda. This makes the whole schedule much more visual, which is how I like it. In an instant the structure of your day becomes clear. I have four different colours; blue, black, green and red. Blue is for my daily schedule. Black represents friends and family.  Green is for blogging. And red is for important things. I then use a yellow marker to label the days in which I would like to post something on my blog or the occasional guest post.

6. Keep an eye on your social media pages

Decluttering your life online is important too. Take a moment an browse through the different social media pages you have. Haven’t used the account in 3 weeks? Delete it. Focus on the ones you do like to spend your time on.

Since you are checking your social media accounts anyway, have a quick look at your privacy settings. Update them to your liking if necessary. Some social media (Facebook is notorious for it) tend to update sneakily, which may affect your privacy. So it is absolutely essential that you check your privacy settings once and a while.

7. Declutter your mailbox

The next tip is a very important one. Take a few minutes and clear out your mailbox. Make different maps or groups for emails you wish to keep and delete everything you do not need. Schedule automatic removal for newsletters. Or even better, make a whole separate email address for newsletters. That way your primary email is clean and clear for work emails and the secondary email is just for fun.

8. Charge your phone on time

Lastly, I strongly suggest checking your phone’s battery every night before going to bed. Charge it, if necessary. Nothing is more annoying than trying to reach someone who continuously forgets to charge their phone. I have two chargers, one at home and one in my bag. Most chargers are universal nowadays. So it will not cost you too much to buy an extra one. Or just use the one from your previous phone.

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What are your favourite ways to get organised?

Love, Ella



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