Feel-good songs: 10 songs that will cheer you up

Feel-good songs: 10 songs that will cheer you up

Whenever I am sad, I listen to music. I somehow find comfort in the melody and lyrics. Listening to feel-good music always makes me feel better. So I created a list in the hope it will cheer you up on sad days as well.

1. Avalanche City – Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love is the debut single of Avalanche City, a folk band from New Zealand. Dave Baxter original started Avalanche City as a solo project and asked other members to join after releasing his first album. They are currently recording their second album, but no release date announced yet.

2. Jim and the Povolos – Loved and Alive

Loved and Alive is the ultimate feel-good song. Like the name already suggests, it is a song with a message:  “Do not feel like you should run away and hide because you are loved and you are alive”.

3. The Crookes – Yes, Yes We’re Magicians

The Crookes are a British indie rock band and recently released their fourth album. They are currently (starting July 8) on tour in the U.S.A., so go and see them live if you live nearby!

4. Paper Lions – My Friend

This next song has an eighties vibe to it and is perfect for celebrating you being besties with your best friend for so long. They wrote down the lyrics to ‘My Friend’ on cards and send them to their fans all over the world. I am still really gutted that I did not know this beforehand, I would have definitely asked to receive a card!

5. King Charles – Lady Percy

I do not think this guy really needs an introduction. He is crazy talented and even won the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville a few years ago.  His first album was released in 2012 and I hope a second one will be available soon!

6. Choices – To Kill a King Feat. Bastille and friends

Some of you might already know To Kill a King and will definitely know Bastille, but have you heard this version of ‘Choies’ yet? It is absolutely mesmerizing! Despite the lyrics not being that cheerful, there is something special about this setting and the way they all perform together.

7. The 1975 – Chocolate

This band does not need an introduction either, I believe. ‘Chocolate’ is probably one of their most-known songs. I like most of their other songs as well but this is the one that made it to the list.

8. Jinja Safari – Moonchild

I love the Australian band Jinja Safari because their sound is unique. Very few bands are able to tell a story trough lyrics and music so well. ‘Moondchild’ is one of my favourite songs from this band.

9. Walk Of The Earth – Gang of Rythmn

Walk Of The Earth started out as a small Youtube-band but are now touring all over the world. I like this song because of the happy tune and the funny music video.

10. The Paper Kits – Bloom

The Paper kites are amazing songwriters. Just listen to ‘Bloom’ and pay extra attention to the lyrics. You will not be disappointed!

I hope this posts made you smile. Want more music recommendations? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below. Remember: “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” 

What are your favourite feel-good songs?

Love, Ella


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