Ella’s Plant Diary #1

Ella’s Plant Diary #1

Ever since I moved out and got my own little apartment, I have loved adding greenery to my home. I never really payed much attention to plants before. However, I have grown fond of spending time with my plants. I think I’ve become a plant lady (I still love cats don’t worry). It is one of the rare moments I can truly relax, while I spend time with my plants (which almost sounds like spending time with your family or loved ones). Anyone else have this? No? Just me then.

To spend time away from the internet is becoming harder and harder nowadays but I’m trying to make more time for myself, away from the busy world that is my life now. And somehow that has turned into a little new hobby of mine; indoor gardening! I am definitely not an expert in gardening and plants in general (yet) but I love making progress and thought it would be nice to show you little bits and bops every so often on Ella Was Here from now on.

I am still a beginner at this whole plant thing as I do still make a lot of mistakes when it comes to taking care of my plants! But this is almost like learning a new skill and so you are bound to make a few mistakes every so often.


5  mistakes I’  ve made . . .


1. Giving your plants too much water

I was so excited when I got my first couple of plants that I started giving them water a couple times a week. And oh boy, that was such a big beginner’s mistake. Most indoor plants don’t need as much water. And too much water can even kill your plant if you repeat your mistake time after time. Instead, try asking your plant shop how much water the plant will need. Or check the little information card that comes with it. And if you are still unsure, you can always do some research online. There is so much information out there and it is better to do your research before you ruin your plants by over-watering them!

2. Not giving your plants enough water

One of the most common mistakes, is just forgetting about your indoor plants and not giving them any water at all! Even when I researched how much water each of my plants needed, it was rather difficult to remember (I have a lot of plants). You can’t just opt to feed all of your plants once every 2 weeks because most likely, you will have a couple of plants that need more water or less water than that. I have started a little indoor garden notebook too, so I can keep up with everything properly.

Another tip to not give your plants too much or too little water is to use a self-watering system, like this Froggy Plant Waterer from Scheurich. Just put the froggy with its terracotta spike in the soil of your plant, put some water in its opening and your plant will get an even amount of water for the next 4 days. I must admit that I had my reservations about this working properly but I tested this the past few weeks on 2 different plants and it worked perfectly! I am so pleased with the results and when I do upgrade to even more plants in the future I will definitely be needing some more!

3. Buying plants before knowing where they will go in your home

Again such a beginners mistake! I almost immediately bought a couple of plants just after moving out. Only… I hadn’t lived long enough in my apartment to know where there is a lot of natural light coming in and where there is almost none and thus a lot of shadow. Don’t assume because you have a window in room X that the sun will shine through it all day! Pay attention to this the first few weeks when you’re living in a new space and it will make your plants a lot happier.

I ended up buying a couple of plants who needed a lot of sunlight and I only had one space to put them. As all the other rooms in my apartment don’t nearly get enough sunlight for the plants to survive! Before buying your first plants, make sure you know where you will put them in your new home!

4. Not repotting your plants fast enough

The next mistake isn’t necessarily as bad as the previous few but nevertheless something you should keep your eye on. Plants outgrow the pot they come in. And some plants outgrow their pots a lot faster than others. I had a couple that were hanging so low and weren’t growing properly anymore. I couldn’t figure out why that was until I finally looked at the bottom and noticed that the roots had completely outgrown the pot. I now keep a closer eye on the roots and make sure I don’t make the same mistake twice.

Croix Chatelain were kind enough to send me a few new pots and I took the opportunity to replant a couple of my plants. I even propagated 2 of my plants. The string of pearls plant is super easy to propogate as is this little cactus. I purchased the first ones over a year ago and now have four different ones of each! I’ll do an update on these two baby ones in a few months so you can see how much they’ve grown!

5. Leaving indoor plants outside in bad weather

I must admit this was such a stupid mistake! I had one pot which had some bugs on it and silly me thought it would be a grand idea to just put the pot outside, on the window sill, overnight and the bugs would just go away by themselves. It is safe to say that this did not work. It was a particularly cold night (I believe it was March or April) and the plant just died overnight. There are better ways to deal with house plant bugs. But me dealing with that issue could be a whole post on it’s own. So let’s not get into that now.

If you have a balcony, know that there are other plants you can use to put there. And it is definitely okay to put your plants outside in good weather as long as you keep an eye on them. Don’t forget they are there though (I know, obvious advise but it happens).

I don’t have an outside space, so adding lots of plants to my home was definitely a necessity for me! Learning to take care of them properly has been such a pleasure. Do you have any plants in your home? If so, which mistakes have you made while taking care of them?

Love, Ella


Products mentioned in this post: Froggy (Scheurich), San Remo Pots (multiple colours, ArteVasi), Porto Plantbox (white, ArteVasi). And a big thank you to Croix Chatelain for sending me a few products to try. More info on their website, facebook of twitter.


DISCLAIMER: Some of the products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for review. However, all views and opinions are my own. I will always give my honest opinion and would never recommend anything that I do not love.


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