DIY Nail Polish Marbled Pinecones

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Pinecones

I love doing crafts & DIY’s. And the other day I came across a bag of pinecones that I had hidden away in the back of my closet. Weird right? Well, in 6th grade we were supposed to use them for a project but I never did. I thought they would make great home decorations but I also wanted to make the pinecones a bit more unique. So I came up with this Nail Polish Marbled Pincones DIY!

What you’ll need :
 Pinecones (deuh, it’s in the title of this blog post, isn’t it?)
 Various shades of nail polish
 Glitter (matching your colour theme)
 Empty container (to put water in)
 An old brush, pencil or stick of some kind
 Nail polish remover & cotton pads

And don’t forget to put some old newspapers or wrapping paper on the ground while you’re crafting so you don’t get nail polish on your floor or table. I tend to use this old piece of packaging material when I am doing a DIY. You can definitely see it as been used a lot!

On to the diy . . .

Do you have everything you need? Let’s get on with it!

Fill your plastic bowl with water. Take your first nail polish and sporadically let it drop in the water (it has to float on the water surface) to create the desired effect. Make sure you create some kind of artsy design in the water. Do not just tip the whole nail polish in at once. This won’t work. Repeat this step with all of your other nail polish colours. You will have to do this rather quickly so the nail polish doesn’t dry out. And I repeat, the nail polish kinda has to float on the water (this is really important!).

Next, take a pinecone and put in your nail polish water. The nail polish will immediately stick to the outside of your pine cone. Twist and turn it a bit so your whole surface is covered. Take the first pine cone out and place it somewhere to dry. You are obviously not going to keep your hands clean while doing this. That’s why I mentioned nail polish remover and cotton pads earlier on in this article. As you can see, I already made a mess when dipping my first pinecone in!

If the nail polish in the water has stiffened (it then almost looks like a glue and won’t look so nice on your pinecones), take a stick or something similar and get all of the leftover nail polish out of the water. Once the water is clear, you can start again with a new nail polish. You will have to use quite a lot of nail polish for this so it might be better to use a cheaper brand. Repeat this until you have enough pinecones covered (or until you don’t have any left).

The following step is optional but I decided to make my pinecones just a bit more festive and sprinkled a whole lot of glitter on them! If you want to do this too, try to sprinkle them with the glitter immediately after dipping them into the nail polish.

And there you go . , 

Your marble-effect pinecones are now finished! I decided to put some of the ones I made in a clear glass vase. I displayed the ones I had left on a wooden tray. I am so happy with how they turned out. They look so nice in my living room! I recently moved the wooden tray to the bathroom and it looks really nice there as well. Obviously, You can decide for yourself how to style them but here’s a look at how I used them as decoration.

I am always playing around with my homeware so I’m sure I’ll move them again soon. Since I now have my own place, I have more room to play around with interior design and home decor. Although I am living in a rental apartment, I am trying to really make it my own. So I will definitely be doing more DIY & Homeware posts soon! And if you end up trying this DIY, be sure to send me a picture of the result!

Thank you so much for visiting, liking and commenting on Ella Was Here again, I’m finally back lovelies!

Love, Ella