Beauty Favourites 2017

Beauty Favourites 2017

It’s December so finally time for some holiday related content! It has been ages since I have done a beauty blog post on Ella Was Here. Mainly because I just do not have that much makeup and also because I have been saving up and have been spending way less on makeup and skincare than I used to. But I did end up falling in love with some new products this year and I thought I would do an end of the year beauty favourites 2017 round-up for you!


My 2017 beauty favourites


1. The Breath In roller by This Works

A few months ago I went to Geneva for work and the hotel I stayed in gave these little rollers away for free. It was such a nice little surprise! I have always been interested in trying This Works products but I was always a bit skeptical too. They claim to help you sleep. I have always been a bad sleeper but wasn’t really convinced of the effect of products like this.

However, I have been hooked ever since I first tried it. I cannot say it without a doubt helps me sleep better but it does make me more relaxed. I have been so stressed and sometimes my mind just won’t turn off when I want to go to sleep. So I apply this roller right before I go to bed in the evenings and it instantly makes me more relaxed. I think it is the lovely lavender scent that does it. So relaxing!

2. The Library of Fragrance perfumes

People, people, people, you have no idea how much I have loved the discovery of these perfumes in Belgium. I had seen them being metioned on a few blogs but didn’t know I was able to get these in Belgium! That was until I went to Namur (Namen, Belgium) for the weekend and walked into the cutest little shop (Mama Is Cool) and found a whole bunch of these set up.

I ended up buying the Lavender scent and the Cherry Blossom scent. I have been using them nearly non-stop ever since. Although both are more spring or summery scents I do enjoy wearing them now even in winter time! And they stay on really long as well too, I am super impressed with these and I can’t wait to be purchasing some more.

Library of Fragrance Lavender Scent I 2017 Beauty Favs I Ella Was Here

Rituals & Library of Fragrance Perfumes I Beauty Favourites of 2017 I Ella Was Here

3. Rituals perfumes

These Rituals perfumes have been another big 2017 favourite of mine. I love how you can buy all of their perfumes in handy travel-sized versions. I have been carrying one in my bag for pretty much the whole year, in case I need a little spritz during the day. My favourite scents are: Fleurs De L’Himalaya (pink bottle) and Oasis De Fleurs (used to be a white bottle but is now green I believe).

4. The Rituals of Ayurveda soothing hand balm

Okay, it is not a big surprise that I have another Rituals product on this list. I am admittedly, a big fan of most of their products! I received a mini version of this hand balm in last year’s advent calendar and have since then purchased it again because I ended up really loving the product! It feels great on my skin and the scent, Indian rose and sweet almond oil, is heavenly!

Rituals Ayurveda Hand Cream I Beauty Favourites 2017 I Ella Was Here Ayrveda Hand Cream RITUALS I Beauty Favourites of 2017 I Ella Was Here

5. Perfectionist Finishing Powder in Soft Sand by H&M

I have never expected much of H&M beauty products. Their little beauty corner always looks abandoned and hardly looked-after in stores here in Belgium. Therefore I never paid much attention to it. That was until I ran out of my previous finishing powder and needed a new one. I wasn’t too keen on the previous one either so I went to twitter to ask for recommendations. And one of my lovely fellow bloggers recommended this one to me.

I am pleasantly surprised by this finishing power. It sets my makeup smoothly and it makes my skin look a whole lot better. It has some fall out, but I can work with that. And it doesn’t break the bank, which is a big plus if you ask me! I am super pleased with this 2017 discovery and will definitely take this with me into 2018.

H&M Finishing Powder in Soft Sand I 2017 Beauty Favourites I Ella Was Here

6. Powder Blusher in Peach Melba by Natural Collection

This is kind of cheating since this wasn’t exactly a 2017 discovery but I just had to mention this Natural Collection blush in my 2017 favourites post. After a long time of devoted use of my previous one, I finally hit pan somewhere in August this year. I was actually a little sad because Boots decided to stop selling internationally and I wouldn’t been able to get many of my favourite products anymore, including this blush.

But one of my friends went to London and brought me back one. I am so happy I am reunited with this product! As I usually tend to go for more natural makeup looks, this is the perfect addition to my makeup routine. And it is oh so affordable, I would totally recommend buying it!

Natural Collection Blush I 2017 Beauty Favs I Ella Was Here

7. Makeup Remover water for eyes by Evoluderm & Purity Micellar water by Corine de Farme

I have sensitive skin and especially my eye area can get easily irritated. I need to pay extra attention to my eyes when removing makeup. I have tried so many products before and nearly all of them ended up irritating my eyes. Except for these two. I use the Makeup remover water on a daily basis (when I wear makeup). And I bring the micellar water with me on trips as it is the perfect travel size.

Both products are very effective in taking off my (non-waterproof, I don’t use waterproof) makeup. They don’t irritate my skin and are really affordable as well. I will be trying more products of these brands in 2018 as I am so pleasantly surprised by these two!

Makeup Remover Favourites I Beauty Favourites of 2017 I Ella Was Here

8. & Other Stories Body Scrubs

If you have ever been into an & Other Stories store you’ll know about their surprisingly affordable skincare range. In matter of fact, the only products I have ever purchased in their stores were skincare things (and a candle which I would definitely recommend as well). But in my opinion, these scrubs stand out above everything else they sell. They are amazing! I bought two, the Perle De Coco Body Scrub and the Fig Fiction Body Scrub well over a year ago and I haven’t even finished the first one. You only need about a drop of the scrub and once it touches water it becomes so soapy so you don’t need any more product.

It is not too harsh on the skin and makes my skin feel lovely and super smooth. I cannot rave about these sugar scrubs enough. They are without a doubt the best scrubs I have ever tried and I if you only get one thing of this list, let it be one of these scrubs!

Beauty Favourites of 2017 I Ella Was Here


I loved writing about my favourite beauty and skincare bits. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it! What products have you been loving in 2017?

Love, Ella

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