A visit to the Botanic Garden of Meise

A visit to the Botanic Garden of Meise

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know that I have a love for gardens and all things flower related. One of my favourite things to to do during spring, is visiting all of the beautiful gardens Belgium has to offer. Last year I showed you the Japanese Garden of Hasselt but I thought I'd take you to the Botanic Garden of Meise this time. Prepare to be amazed by an overdose of garden themed pictures!


Inside the greenhouses

Meise is a municipality not too far from Brussels, the capital of Belgium. It can easily be reached by car but you can also get there by public transport (although it isn't as easy). The absolute highlight of the Botanic Garden of Meise is The Plant Palace, beautiful greenhouses located in the centre of the park. There are 13 interconnecting glasshouses and each of them contains numerous plants of a different climate. The plants come from all over the world. The greenhouses have been renovated not too long ago so even if you have been before, it's certainly worth another visit!

It is not only breathtakingly beautiful inside but super interesting as well. You can take guided tours but we just walked around and explored for ourselves. Since each glasshouse has a different ecosystem, it's important to know that it'll be hot and humid in one area but dry and cool in another. I was sweating in one part of the building while it was nice and cool in another part!

If you're a bit like me and love taking photographs the Botanic Garden of Meise is perfect for you! The glasshouses are a photographer's paradise. We even came a cross a couple taking their engagement pictures inside. And I totally see why; you can play with light, with framing and with incorporating lines in your pictures and that all in one area. It was a great plus for me to be able to improve some of my photography skills indoors!



In the park

Not only are you able to visit the beautiful Plant Palace when you visit the Garden of Meise but there is a beautiful park attached to it. We were there at exactly the right time as all of the Magnolia trees were in bloom. There is plenty to see and to do in the park too. There's a big castle to admire, a bee yard, a little garden patch where you could take some fresh flowers (Each family could take a total of 10 flowers!), plenty of space to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather and of course miles and miles to discover while taking a stroll.

The park is very kid-friendly but you wouldn't mind coming here by yourself either. The area is just way too beautiful to not stop by if you're ever in the neighbourhood. I have only just been there but I cannot wait to stop by again. If I lived in Meise, I would stop by every week!



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Tickets: 7€ for adults, children -6 for free, 1€ for children between 6 - 17

Open all year but opening hours vary depending on the season

Botanic Garden Meise
Bouchout Domain
Nieuwelaan 38
1860 Meise

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