A Day Trip to Kinderdijk

A Day Trip to Kinderdijk

During my first few days in the Netherlands, I ended up staying in a hostel in the city centre of Rotterdam. It was close to the station so I really wanted to, while I was there, venture out for a day and have a little day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam. So I met up with one of my Dutch friends (check out her blog here) and we went off to visit Kinderdijk.

A beautiful bike ride to a breath-taking place

Kinderdijk is a small village in the South of the Netherlands known for its rows and rows of windmills. It’s UNESCO World Heritage protected since 1997. The mills are not only interesting to look at but the history and story behind the whole area is pretty interesting as well. I won’t give away too much, so there’s still something for you to learn once you arrive in Kinderdijk.

My friend doesn’t live too far from the area so I decided to take a metro and after that a bus to the town where she lives and we took a bike from there. At the end of our route we had to take the boat (you can go by car, with your bike or by foot on the boat and cross the water) and in Kinderdijk we were. You can easily go by bike from Rotterdam if you want to make a full day trip of it. Just pack some lunch (or eat something in a brasserie in Kinderdijk) and off you go!

Visiting Kinderdijk, the Netherlands I UNESCO World National Heritage in Holland I Ella Was Here Visiting Kinderdijk, Netherlands I Ella Was Here

If bike riding isn’t really your thing, you can always take a regular bus or even the waterbus to Kinderdijk! Oh and of course, you’re able to get there by car as well so if you’re roadtripping through Europe, you might as well plan an hour or 2 in Kinderdijk while you’re at it! Once you arrive at the start of the windmill area you can either rent a bike to get you to all the different windmills (if you have your own bike, just drive straight through) or you can go on foot. And don’t forget that there are regular tours too!

A must-visit BUT very touristy!

If you can only remember one thing from this article, I’d really advise you to go early in the morning because it can get really crowded during the day! It’s always better to not having to rush while taking a picture or while having a stroll through the area. We saw lots of busses with students and tourists arrive when we were already well on our way into the windmill area but it was really busy nevertheless. I’d still say go as soon as it opens, so you’re not overrun by all the hoards of people!

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, the Windmills in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands I A Day Trip From Rotterdam I Ella Was Here

I am really glad I had the chance to see a part of the Netherlands that I had never seen before. I cannot wait to show you more of the Netherlands in my upcoming posts! As a Belgian, it’s always been a country pretty easy to go and visit, but even I can still find new breath-taking places to visit in the beautiful Dutch country!



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