8 thoughts I had while painting

8 thoughts I had while painting

I took up painting again the other day. For the past few weeks I have had this cute DIY idea in my head and I finally decided to act upon it. Then I got distracted by all the beautiful paint I forgot I had. And I decided to just let my creative side out and have some fun with it.

It has been ages since I last painted something and doing it all again made me reminisce about the past. I used to be so creative when I was a little kid. Then I grew up and forgot all about it. It makes me so happy to get in touch with my creative side again.

Here are some pretty random thoughts I had while painting:

1. DIY’s and painting in general is not just a ‘kids thing’, even though my ‘art’ is a little childish.

2. You don’t need to be an artist or have any painting talent to be allowed to do it. It is fun because you can do what you want, there are barely any restrictions.

3. Paint smells good.

4. Am I weird for liking the smell of paint?

5. I am making such a mess of this. There is paint everywhere. I will just call all of it art and be done with it.

6. Coffee and painting are two things that go perfectly well together. Maybe I should try doing this while drinking wine too?

7. Oh my, it has been such a long time since I last used this stuff. Almost half of it is dried up. I need new supplies.

8. How do I make this into digital art. Is it good enough to be made into digital art? I should look into that.


Painting + coffee photo // 8 Thoughts I had while painting the other day // Ella Was Here

What creative/artsy things do you like to do? Inspire me!

Love, Ella

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