My favourite place in Rotterdam: Concept Store Keet Rotterdam

My favourite place in Rotterdam: Concept Store Keet Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the perfect place to discover new hotspots and cute little design stores. In my Rotterdam foodie guide I already talked about my favourite foodie hotspots, affordable places to eat. And I already briefly mentioned my favourite place in the whole of Rotterdam in that post too. But I just had to dedicate a whole post to Keet Rotterdam as I love this little place so much!

I discovered Keet Rotterdam nearly 2 years ago on Facebook and have been dying to go there ever since. One minor inconvenience… I don’t live in Rotterdam, let alone in the Netherlands. So when I finally got a chance to go I was over the moon! I’m so glad the experience didn’t disappoint, it is without a doubt one of the prettiest shops I’ve ever been to.


7 Reasons why you need

to visit Keet Rotterdam



1. The original concept

Keet Rotterdam gives beginning designers and labels a place to showcase and sell their products as they often do not have the resources to open a shop for themselves. It’s also a bridge between online shops and brick-and-mortar stores. It gives potential customers a chance to see everything at once in one place. A great initiative that gives you the possibility to discover new designers while enjoying a cup of coffee.


2. The interior design of the store

I am a bit of an interior design addict. I would describe my ideal home style as Scandinavian design with a hint of vintage and a pop of colour. And this store is that and so much more. White walls, with a lot of wood and plenty of colourful details. The quotes on the walls really complete the whole concept. I love the interior design of Keet and how it’s always changing too. That’s exactly me in my little apartment. I’m always switching things around and find it hard to leave things as they were for a long time.

3. Its central location

Keet Rotterdam is conventiently located in the centre of Rotterdam. Close to the main shopping streets and only a 15-minute walk from the central station. That is, if you do not get lost at least.


4. The Friendly staff

The staff is absolutely amazing! Super friendly and always in for a little chat and a piece of advice. We arrived there just after they opened so there was hardly anyone there. It was the perfect time to have a little browse through the shop and have a little chat over some coffee. They gave us plenty of tips on what Rotterdam hotspots to visit next and even gave us a map (which came in handy, believe me, I have a terrible sense of direction).

We got to ask quite a few questions about the shop and the lovely lady at the till asked us about where we’re from and why we wanted to visit Rotterdam. I immediately started rambling about how I love this shop and off we were, just chatting away.

5. The delicious coffee and food

Keet Rotterdam also has plenty of space to have a little break from shopping, enjoy a delicious coffee or tea. And have a little sweet treat too! We tried a tartlette, one with raspberries and white chocolate, and it was super delicious. There are other options too (macarons, croissants,…) if you’re not a cake kind of gal. But I mean… The tartlettes have chocolate in them…

Their ‘main treat’ makes room for something different every few months too. Their previous ‘#KeetBakt’ option were waffles, which looked absolutely delicious too. Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to taste them. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next!


6. All of the pretty homeware

I love picking out homeware for my little apartment and this shop is right up my alley. Lots of cute Scandinavian & vintage inspired bits and bops to discover. I would have bought way more, if I’d had more room in my suitcase. There are just so many beautiful things! A few of the amazing brands you can find at Keet: Jet At Home, World of Blends, ANNIdesign, Green Gypsy, Zuss,… .

7. But there’s even more to be found at Keet . . .

If you ever feel like restyling your desk and home office, this is the place to go for pretty stationery! From cards, to notebooks, to pen holders. I am convinced you can find something you like here. But hold on, there’s EVEN MORE at Keet! Besides homeware and stationery, you can also find some nice fashion accessories and beauty products in store too!

–   Details   –

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Mondays

Address: Oppert 2A

– – –


I’m still swooning over this store! Really wish it was closer to my home so I could visit more often! Don’t forget to read my previous Rotterdam post if you haven’t already. And even if you have, you could always have another cheeky little read! There’s just one more Rotterdam post coming up soon, so keep an eye on Ella Was Here for more!


Love, Ella

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