5 Netflix series to watch in 2018

5 Netflix series to watch in 2018

I must admit I watch way more Netflix than I probably should. I love a relaxing evening at home watching a good movie or series while eating a delicious snack all cozy in bed. And boy, have I watched a lot of Netflix in 2017! Here are my top 5 recommendations.


5 Netflix series to watch in 2018


1. Erased

I need to start this list with what is possible the best thing I have ever watched on Netflix. Erased or Boku dake ga Inai Machi was originally a Japanese manga series. Netflix released a live-action adaption of the series in 2017. It tells the story of 29-year-old Satoru who travels back in time to solve murders that happened when he went to primary school in Japan 18 years ago.

It is a beautiful yet heartbreaking story of friendship and love, with lots of exciting and scary moments in between. If you don’t mind watching a series with subtitles definitely give Erased a try. I cannot recommend it enough.


2. Stranger Things

By now you probably have all heard of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things and so it probably does not need an introduction. I have binged the second season in a weekend (and previously mentioned it here) because it was just that good. If you haven’t watch it already and if you are into dark science-fiction, something with a lot of creepy scenes and terrific acting, then Stranger Things is a must for you!


3. Riverdale

Riverdale is another hit series I have loved watching in 2017. It focuses on a group of teenagers and their families in the town Riverdale where all of these mysterious events take place. It’s a very popular show based on the Archie Comic Books. I have never read the comics but am obsessed with the series!

The first season was an absolute joy to watch and so far, the second series is too. I’m just a tiny bit afraid they will mess it up by making the second season so much longer than the first one. We’ll see what happens! With Riverdale the whole season is not uploaded at once, as with most other Neflix series, but there’s a new episode every week. And that makes it all the more exciting to me!


4. Gilmore Girls

I have rewatched all of Gilmore Girls throughout December. It is the perfect series to watch in the winter months. And you can end your 7 season binge with the A Year in the Life mini-series, which tells the story of the characters nearly 10 years after the series ended.

For me anyway, there always used to be a period around season 3 and 4 that I got bored of the show and stopped watching for a while. This time I pushed through and it was definitely worth it. I needed a feel-good show to watch over the holidays. I will probably end up watching it again some time soon!


5. The Good Place

The Good Place…Well, this show is a little weird but I love it. Main character Eleanor dies and is very pleased when she finds out she has made it to the good place. Or so it seems… She realises someone has made a mistake and that her being there is an accident. So she decides to hide in plain sight until she can truly become a good person and possibly is allowed to stay there. Eleanor ends up getting into a lot of awkward and funny situations in her effort to try and fake being a good person. It all makes for a great and entertaining show to watch.

The Good Place is also a weekly series. So once you’ve caught up and watched all of the episodes you will have to wait for a new episode every week. I would totally recommend watching, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

5 netflix recommendations I Ella Was Here 5 Netflix series to watch in 2018

Hope you have found at least one new series to watch. I would love to know if you have watched any of these already and what you thought of them!

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