25 Things To Do Before You’re 30

25 Things To Do Before You’re 30

It’s already April! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. It feels like Christmas was just a few weeks ago. But I am really glad that the days are getting longer and that it finally is warm enough to go outside without a scarf. And hey, April also means that it is almost my birthday! I cannot believe I am nearly 25!

I sure don’t feel like I am a ’20-something woman’. I am now nearing the big 30. But I feel like I just turned 20. And I am nowhere near ready to settle down and have babies like half of my Facebook friends seem to be doing. But more about that later on Ella Was Here. The other day, I made a list of 25 things I want to do before I am 30. Because somehow making a list puts everything in perspective, am I right?


25 things to do before you’re 30 . . .


1. Learn to like tea

Do not get me wrong. I still love coffee (I will always be a coffee girl at heart). But I really want to learn to like tea. The problem is, I just don’t like the taste of tea. I tried a few different teas while I was at university, just so I wasn’t drinking coffee all day. But I never even liked drinking it and I still don’t. So if you have any tips on how to learn to drink tea, let me know!

2. Finally take my trip around the world

I have been saving for what feels like forever and I am still far of my goal budget, but at least I am slowely getting there. It has been my dream to travel the world ever since I was a little kid. I remember visiting a friend’s house when I was about 8 or 9, seeing a map and saying ‘I want to visit that place one day’. That place I mentioned, was New Zealand. And ever since my ‘to visit’-list has grown a lot longer. And hopefully I will get to visit all of te places on my list one day!

3. Visit more of my own country

That said, I also want to visit more of my own little country. Belgium is so beautiful! But because I have lived here my whole life, it sometimes just goes by like it is nothing. In the years to come I want to visit my own country like I am seeing it all for the first time, like I am a tourist!

4. Drink more coffee

Did I mention I am addicted to coffee? Well, if you have been following Ella Was Here for a while you might already know this but I love coffee. My go-to coffee is a strong coffee Americano but I really want to try some different coffees. I want to switch it up and try new things!

5. Read more books

Books pretty much got me through secondary school. They were my little hideaways from the real world and I could get lost in them for hours. Ever since uni, I started reading less and less. And even now, I rarely find time to read. However, I want to change that! More books, more reading!

6. Write a book

Another childhood dream of mine, is writing (and publishing) a book. I love stories and I used to spend days and days writing my own. If I ever find my writing mojo, I’ll start writing stories again. And then maybe one day, you’ll see my face on the back cover of a book.

7. Get a cat (or you know, a few cats)

Okay, this one will have to wait until I get back from my trip around the world. But I do seriously miss having a pet around. Ever since I moved out and am living on my own, I miss having a cat to cuddle and talk to (because seriously, everyone talks to their pets right?).

8. Be comfortable in my own body

I have been incredibly insecure about my body. I find it really hard to look beyond my flaws and just see the beautiful me. To just start accepting the way I look. But I am working on it. I want to feel beautiful again. I want to be happy with myself. Inside and out.

9. Finally take proper photography lessons

I love taking pictures but I am a little clueless when it comes to all the technical details. We had to buy a dslr in uni and sadly got only 5 photography lessons. Which, I admit, is far too few to actually know what I am doing while photographing! So in the years to come I want to take some lessons, and become a pro with the technical details too!

10. Fall in love

Another admission, I am nearly 25 and I have never been in love. I have had crushes, I have had boyfriends, I have had the ‘butterflies in my stomach’ feeling. But I don’t know what it feels like to be in love. Or maybe I once did and forgotten what it feels like. I just don’t know anymore. But maybe in the future I will know. I am hopeful.

11. Go to a restaurant by myself

This really scares me a lot! I am so socially awkward and eating dinner by myself at a public place really terrifies me. I want to overcome this fear and prove to myself that it isn’t so scary as I imagine it to be! I mean, it’ll just be me and a lot of food, would that be so terrible?

12. Improve the languages I already speak

In Belgium we speak 3 languages; Dutch, French & German. I am a native Dutch/Flemish speaker but I also speak English and French. And a little bit of German and Spanish. But I want to be fluent in all of them and not just be able to speak a few sentences. I doubt I’ll be fluent in all of the languages I mentioned within 5 years but it cannot hurt to try!

13. Learn a new language

And I also want to start learning a new language. So that in the future, not the near future but maybe by the time I’m 40 (oh gosh, that scares me!) , I can be proud of myself for speaking quite a few languages!

14. Learn how to get my anxiety under control

I want to learn how to live a life with less (or without) panic attacks. And I think I am getting there slowely.

15. Go bungee jumping

Going bungee jumping has been on my bucketlist for a while. And I want to finally do it before I am 30!

16. Live in a treehouse (for a while)

And here we have another childhood dream that made it onto this list. I love tree houses and it has always been a dream of mine to live in a treehouse somewhere off the beaten track. There is just something magical, wonderful about it. And I want to have that experience!

17. Move

I have been living in the same little town for my whole life. By the time I turn 30 I want to live somewhere else because this ol’ place isn’t cutting it anymore. If you have made it to number 17 in this list, you’ll know I have a serious case of wanderlust. The idea of living in the same place my whole life just isn’t good enough for me. I want to discover new places and fall in love with new surroundings. I am ready for a new adventure!

18. Do what I love

I want to love what I am doing. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life going through the motions. Or spend my whole life doing what society tells you to do. I want to live a life I love.

19. Visit the Harry Potter Studios

I have always wanted to visit the Harry Potter Studios but I just never got anyone to join me. It is not exactly nearby either. But by writing number 19, I promise to myself that the next time I visit London I am going to the Harry Potter Studios. Even if I don’t get anyone to join me.

20. Start a vlogging channel

I have been wanting to start a vlogging channel for a few years now. But until now, I never got the courage to do it. I guess, I always found a reason not to. I always felt like I wasn’t pretty enough, interesting enough or that my English wasn’t good enough. I felt like people would not want to watch me make coffee every single day (because yes, that is basically what I do all the time.) or talk about cats and chocolate. But you never know until you actually try it, right?

21. Fly first class on a long-haul flight

Flying first class is such a luxury that I would probably only ever be able to do it once. And then be broke for years. But it just seems like something I want to tick off my bucket list soon. Maybe when I take that long-awaited trip around the world. That would be fabulous right?

22. Find real friends / Discover who my real friends are

I think I am nearly there. I am well on my way to finding out who my real friends are. When I was younger I invested so much in friendships but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started realising some people aren’t worth the time. A friendship always consists of 2 people. The effort you put into a friendship can’t only come from you. And when you realise it does, you will feel terrible. Because it, excuse me for the language, but it sucks. It feels awful realising people don’t care as much about you as you do about them. I am finally realising that.

23. To stay at a fancy hotel and order room service

And by staying at a fancy hotel I mean something really fancy, something I probably would never be able to afford. A hotel with free champagne when you walk in, yes THAT luxurious! And if this ever happens, I am going to spend all day in my hotel room drinking champagne, taking a bath with lush bath products, and order all the room service I can eat. I am already daydreaming of number 23.

24. Let go

One of my best friends used to say, how if she didn’t have cancer, she would have done so many things differently. How she’d go travelling and how she’d probably had become a lawyer some day. She made me realise how life is too short to hold onto things that you can no longer control. To just let go. I haven’t quite achieved that mindset of letting things go but I would like to by the time I am 30.

25. Be happy

And this goes nice along with my previous point. Even if I don’t achieve a whole lot in life, I just want to be happy.


Wow, this post was a whole lot longer than I thought it would be! If you managed to read through my rambling, congrats!

Love, Ella


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