10 Things To Make Me Smile #6

10 Things To Make Me Smile #6

I know I say this all the time but can you believe it’s nearly June already?! It’s almost summertime baby! There are quite a few changes coming up here on Ella Was Here but before it’s time to reveal all that, I’d thought I’d post another 10 Things That Make Me Smile list, edition 6!


Here’s to the things that have made me smile lately . . . 


01. Hogwarts Mystery

Oh my, I’ve been obsessed with the Hogwarts Mystery app. Ever since it came out I’ve been playing it every day almost non-stop. It’s save to say I’m a bit addicted! Okay, I am not going to lie, there are still some tiny improvements to be made to the app but I love the storyline, the characters and how your own character has the possibility to improve and grow. If you love the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and you haven’t installed Hogwarts Mystery on your phone, I would highly recommend you do it now (do it now, so you can read the rest of this blog post while it installs)!


02. Late evening strolls, listening to podcasts

I hurt my knee back in September last year and the physiotherapist told me to stop jogging and instead walk the same route nearly every day as slowly as possible. Starting to build up that strength again. I absolutely hated doing that in the beginning as it went so slow and I got bored really fast. But a few months ago I discovered podcats (I know, I know, I’m very late to the podcast party) and since then I’ve been absolutely loving going out for a late evening stroll while listening to a new podcast episode every evening.


03. The semi-warm weather

Oh gosh, I am already dying of the heath by the way. I cannot handle anything above 25°C degrees! But if it’s hot but not too hot and there’s a nice breeze outside, I absolutely love sitting outside all day.


04. Yellow tones on Instagram

I’ve recently decided to change my whole Instagram theme. I mean, I didn’t really have a set theme before which was I think, one of the reasons I just wasn’t motivated to improve my content on the platform (oh and of course because of the stupid algorithm too). I’ve been incorporating lots of white and yellow tones into my pictures and I’m so pleased with the result! I Cannot wait to see Ella Was Here grow on the platform!

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05. Giving the classics a try

I have been wanting to read some of the classics for ages. I just didn’t know where to start and I really didn’t want to start with a story that I’d hate as I’d be immediately put off with reading more. So when I recently found out that my local book store had this classic books collection (for only 3€-5€), I decided to pick Wuthernig Heights up. So far, I’m really enjoying it. I hope by Christmas time I’ve read to quite a few. I’m so glad I’m finally giving these books a try!


06. Trying new makeup bits and bops

I’ve said it before but I’ve been trying to save money lately so I seriously cut back on my beauty expenses. Now, whenever I buy a new product, I’m absolutely savouring every bit of product that’s inside. Trying to make it last as long as possible. I am then of course devastated when I hit pan on one of my favourite blushes or one of my favourite creams. But because I don’t have as many products as I used to anymore, I’m enjoying every new things so much more!


07. Making healthy meals from scratch

I have been struggling with keeping myself on track with loosing weight and eating healthy. But lots of you recommend I’d try and make easy (read VERY INSANELY EASY, SOMETHING THAT’S FINISHED IN NO TIME AT ALL) meals from scratch. So far I’ve been really enjoying doing that! I love to cook, so now I see it as a possiblity to experiment with new flavours and cooking methods.


08. Little bike ride adventures

I mentioned it before but I love exploring the countryside with my electric bike. It’s so easy and it really makes you appreciate living in a beautiful little town even more. If you live somewhere where it’s safe to go around by bike, I’d highly recommend doing it on a Sunday, take your lunch with you and just spend the day exploring!


09. Garden picnics

Which brings me to my next point. I absolutely love having a little picnic outside in the garden of in a park nearby. I don’t have a garden myself but I always make use of my parent’s garden on days off. Or, as I mentioned above, I take the bike out and find a nice spot to relax, eat my lunch and read a book. Just enjoying the outdoors.


10. Having little staycations

When I was younger, I always used to find it bizarre that people would come and visit this little country called Belgium. I used to think Belgium was quite boring. Admittedly, I was wrong. As I grew older, I learned to appreciate my own little beautiful country with its old buildings, beautiful landscapes and its rich history. I really want to have more little staycations here in Belgium and write more travel related posts about Belgium here on the blog! I think it’d be great for tourists to have an insider’s perspective, no?

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What are some of the things that have made you smile lately?

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