10 things that make me smile

10 things that make me smile

I have always found writing about the things I love really calming and also in a way quite satisfying. Doing what I love makes me feel happy and self-content. So writing about things that make me smile should have twice that effect, no? There are way more things that make me smile on a weekly basis but I hope you enjoy these 10 anyway.

1. Watching Friends

I lost count of the times I watched each Friends episode a long time ago. I know every joke, every scene by heart but when Chandler makes one of his famous sarcastic jokes or when Monica is being neurotic again, I cannot help but laugh. They are an odd bunch but they always make me smile.

2. Planning my imaginary trip around the world

I would love to travel the world but unfortunately I am not rich. So unless I win the lottery (and that will be very unlikely considering I do not even play it),  I will never be able to afford a trip around the world. I still like to imagine I do get to go one day, though. Meeting new people from different cultures and visiting new places, that is the dream. I might never get to change to see every single part of the world but I do hope I will never stop traveling.

3. Listening to music

You might already know about my fondness of music if you have read my post about feel-good music. Without music I would feel totally lost. It knows how to comfort me when nothing else can. Music always makes me feel better.

4. Coffee

There is something special about the smell of coffee and the sound my coffee machine makes. Getting dressed and ready to go out does not seem that bad when I have just had my morning cup of coffee.


I am one of those people who if they had to only speak in quotes for the rest of their live, probably would not mind. I know some quotes are rather cheesy but come one, who does not like to read quotes when they are feeling a bit down?

6. Watching Ellen Degeneres on Youtube

Ellen Degeneres is an American comedian who hosts her own show. She is so kind to others and is an inspiration to so many people. She makes me smile. And nowadays people could use a little bit more joy in their lives.

Be kind to one another.

7. Making other people smile

If I am able to make someone’s day just a bit better, it brings a smile to my face as well. Just giving someone a compliment or helping someone solve a difficult problem, it can be the best part of my day.

8. Chocolate

I am Belgian so I am pretty much born with a love for chocolate. My favourite brand is Côte d’Or. In primary school we once went on a school trip to their factory. We were able to make our own chocolate bar and got a gift basket filled with chocolate after the tour. It was the best day ever. I would love to try other chocolate brands though, so be sure to tell me in the comment section below what your favourite brand of chocolate is!

9. Online window shopping

If you are a returning reader, you will already know that I love to shop online. I do my fair share of online window shopping too. Just getting that shopping basket all filled up is pretty satisfying to me.

10. Rereading my favourite childhood books

Remember Mathilda, The Big Friendly Giant and Charlie and the Chocolate factory (yes, I am talking about something chocolate related again)? I was recently cleaning out the enormous stack of books in my room and found these again. I could not help myself and started rereading them.

I hope you liked hearing about the things that make me smile and do not forget to follow me on one of my social media for more frequent updates about my oh so boring life!


What are your favourite books from your childhood?

Love, Ella


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