10 Things That Make Me Smile #5

10 Things That Make Me Smile #5

Anyone else finally tired of the cold weather? Do not get me wrong winter is my favourite season and I love snow but I am really looking forward to spring. The weather has been too dark and moody for too long. So in honour of the upcoming change of seasons, time for another 10 Things That Make Me Smile, spring edition!


10 Things That Make Me Smile #5


1. Longer, sunnier days

I know, I know, I am not much of a hot weather person but I am looking forward to brighter days. I won’t have to wear 10 layers of clothing just to go to the bakery or to the bank. And I love the feeling of getting out of work (or school or whatever you’re doing these days) and not having the feeling that the day is already over because it’s dark outside.

2. Bike rides

I purchased an electric bike at the end of past summer. Unfortunately it got too cold and too dark too fast in order for me to take my bike to work at the end of 2017. I was enjoying it so much and I am genuinely looking forward to taking my bike out again. Especially now that I have an electric bicycle. I feel much more at ease and less exhausted when I arrive at my destination. A great investment if you ask me!

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3. Giving the house (read tiny little apartment) a spring makeover

Pastel colours in exchange for the darker winter-inspired ones. Removing the dried flowers (DIY coming soon) and putting fresh ones in place. Getting the colourful spring bedding out. Starting a little spring clean. But let’s face it, I am not the most organised, neat person out there so an in depth spring cleaning session will most likely never happen.

4. Planning summer holidays

We are usually very late with planning a yearly holiday but around this time of the year we tend to get our final details in order. I can start to look forward to the summer holidays. I have got quite a few exciting things planned, so keep an eye on the blog and my social media for that. I promise you, there are some big changes coming up. All will be revealed in due course.


5. Having a drink outside on a pub terrace

In Belgium, as soon as there’s the tiniest bit of sunshine visible, we’re all outside having a chat with friends and enjoying a good drink on a pub terrrace. Seriously, we have so many outside pub terraces but they are usually all packed in the blink of an eye when the sun comes out.

6. Ice cream

I don’t have a freezer so I cannot keep ice cream at my apartment. I used to eat ice cream, even in the colder months, all the time, at least once a week. But now I cannot do that anymore (which is probably good for my health but I miss it so much). I just can’t wait for the ice cream van to come by again. It usually comes by twice a week, starting in April, I am really excited for that!

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7. Getting back into jogging

I hurt my knee at the end of past summer so I had to stop jogging abruptly. My knee is almost complete as good as new now. I need to slowly start getting back into a routine. My physiotherapist has instructed me to start doing my old route by just taking a stroll and then building it up from scratch all over again. I am terribly out of shape so I really need to start doing this asap.

8. All the blossoms

The threeish weeks in April that the trees blossom are without a doubt my favourite period in April (except for my birthday but that’s within that period, so double the fun). I tend to get a bit Instagram-mad during that time and post an abundance of blossom pictures. If you would like to see that spectacle happening, be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss it!


9. More and better blog pictures

One of the biggest downsides to winter for a blogger is definitely the lack of good sunlight for blog pictures. I have struggled many days trying to take blog pictures during one of the many horrible Belgian rainstorms. I am so looking forward to being able to take better blog pictures. No more waiting for that one sunny day a month and then having to take all my blog pictures in a rush!

10. All the Easter chocolate

If you celebrate Easter, you’ll know that there’s always a copious amount of chocolate involved. Our family tends to do a big Easter brunch with lots and lots of chocolate and it is absolutely delicious. It’s a good thing that we only get to eat such a delicious brunch once a year because I would have exploded by now if that wasn’t the case. All the deliciousness!

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What are your favourite things about Spring? Do you have anything special planned in the upcoming months?


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