10 Things that make me smile #3

10 Things that make me smile #3

Lately, well not really lately, but for a pretty long time I’ve been too focused on the negative moments in my life. It makes me even more stressed and generally feeling bad nearly every day. In an effort to change my mood, I’m bringing back the 10 things that make me smile series.

Get yourself a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of pumpkin pie, grab a cozy blanket and have a little read in the coziest place of your house.

10 Things that make me smile . . .


1. All the autumn vibes

Although I love bright summery days, I am overjoyed that autumn is finally here. I just love the changing weather. The changing colours. Leaves falling. Cozy nights under a blanket. Not wanting to get out of bed and using the cold weather as an excuse. Hot chocolate. Well, all kinds of hot beverages really. All the autumn decorations. Halloween. Fairy lights. Harvest. Autumn scented candles. I could go on for hours! (but I won’t, I promise).

2. My new bed

I finally have a proper bed after years of sleeping on a matrass on the floor. It’s recycled wood and I just love it so much. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. I now just have to refrain from buying all the bedding I want. But, let’s face it, I probably will buy much more than I need!

3. New books

I tried so hard to save money on books by not buying as many but I just love the feeling of adding a new book to my own little book collection at home. I’d love to have my own little library room one day! I’ve been reading a lot too lately, so there are definitely a few book related blog posts in the works.

4. Ghent

I recently made my way back to Ghent after years and years of not being able to go. And it was such a trip down memory lane. I went to university in this city and it was so good to be back. From eating a cupcake at my favourite pastry shop, to having a drink at my favourite bar, to just walking around in the little cobbled streets. Ghent is absolutely beautiful so if you need a destination for your next city trip, I would recommend checking out Ghent, Belgium!

Croissant & Cofee, Breakfast in Ghent, Belgium I Ella Was Here

5. My indoor plants

I guess the next thing that has made me smile lately is not a secret since I recently mentioned it in another blog post on Ella Was Here but I wanted to mention it again as I’ve been spending a decent amount of time taking care of my indoor plants lately. I find it really relaxing and it puts my mind at ease especially when I’ve had a stressful week (every week basically).

6. Advent calendars

I’m crazy early I know, but I just love the excitement that comes along with the months leading up to Christmas. And for the first time last year I was able to afford an advent calendar. I really enjoyed and treasured every little surprise that came in the calendar. So this year I’m already thinking of the one(s) I might get. I really want to get a good deal, affordable but lots of useful products inside! I know it’s only September, but it just gets me so excited for the rest of the year.

7. The Bold Type

I never usually mention tv shows on my blog but I have just fallen head over heels in love with The Bold Type. This show is just what I needed. A feel-good series with relatable characters, a bright spark between all of the darker, murkier shows that I watch. Don’t get me wrong I love a good drama or action series but I needed something to watch just before I go to bed, something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And The Bold Type is what I’ve been missing!

8. Discovering new Youtube channels

For years and years I’ve watched the same people on Youtube. And I still do, once and a while. But lately I’ve been switching it up and have discovered a bunch of new channels. It’s so nice to have some fresh new faces in my usual mix. To name a few: KkandbabyJ, Kitten Lady, The Bucket List Family, CatCreature, Rachspeed and Tess Florio.

9. Collecting prints

I want to create a big picture wall in my bedroom and now that I have a bed I can finally start decorating. I’ve been looking in magazines and online for affordable/free prints so I can make something beautiful and affordable. I don’t want to spend money on this as I will probably not stay at this place for years and it is a rental apartment so it is better not to damage the walls. But I’ve been having a lot of fun collecting all of these prints.

10. Cozy jumpers

I have rediscovered my love for cozy fluffy jumpers again! This has undoubtedly something to do with the time of the year. But also, for years I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and I felt like those jumpers made me look fat or ugly. So I stopped wearing them. I’m now just starting to love them again. And I can’t wait to buy a couple more in the upcoming months! I love autumn and winter fashion.

Breakfast in Ghent I 10 Things that make me smile #3 I Ella Was Here

I would love for you all to join in and tell me in the comments below what has made you smile lately. Let’s keep a positivity chain going!

Love, Ella


These pictures were taken in Ghent at my favourite breakfast place, Pain & Compagnie

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