10 Songs to drink your Sunday morning coffee to

10 Songs to drink your Sunday morning coffee to

Not having to set your alarm. Having a proper lie in, enjoying the warmth and comfort of your bed sheets. After a while, you decide to get up and put a fresh pot of coffee on. The smell of freshly-brewed coffee fills the room, it fills your heart with joy. But there is one thing missing, a playlist to make your cosy Sunday morning complete. So you rush to put on that playlist you love drinking your sunday morning coffee to.

What a beautiful morning. Time to relax and enjoy your time off work. Time to live again. Enjoy every second.


10 Songs to drink your to drink your Sunday morning coffee to

1. Hollow Coves – Interlude

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Hollow Coves’ EP Wanderlust is the best thing I’ve listened to in 2017. Every single track on there is an absolute masterpiece and Interlude is just phenomenal. The perfect song to start this Sunday morning playlist with.

Unfortunately the Interlude was taking off Youtube so I’m not able to embed it here anymore. But no need to be disappointed, Hollow Coves is one of my all-time favourite bands and every single one of their songs is amazing. So why not listen to The Woods instead.


2. Julie Byrne – Morning Dove

Morning Dove by Julie Byrne perfectly accompagnies Hollow Coves’ Interlude. The “call to a morning dove” is a morning tale of longing accompanied by Byrne’s fingerpickin’ folk guitar.


3. Sufjan Stevens – Mystery of Love

The voice of Sufjan Stevens sounds like the promise of every beautiful morning, even if it is not necessarily a happy song. He’s endlessly searching for the mystery of love.


4. Chase McBride – Days Move Easy

Chase McBride is one of my more recent discoveries. Beautiful soft voice accompanied with the calming sound of a guitar. And that is what makes the perfect morning song!

The days, they move easy



5. Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes

I know it has only recently been pancake day. But can we just talk about pancakes for a second? They are just delicious, aren’t they? Jack Johnson is an all-time favourite of mine and so when I started compiling songs for this playlist I knew Banana Pancakes had to be in it. This song always puts a smile on my face!


6. MyKey – Kayla

MyKey is a more recent discovery of mine. I first fell in love with his song Monsters in the Dark and so I started listening to his other music as well. It is safe to say MyKey did not disappoint. Kayla is the perfect addition to this Sunday morning playlist.


7. Roo Panes – Little Giant

I hope this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about Roo Panes because he is just pure raw talent. I am in full awe over his beautiful voice and the perfect moody, yet dreamy music he makes. I imagine seeing him perform life would be magical. So I really hope to be able to go to one of his concerts one day!


8. Everything But The Girl – Love Is Strange

And we move on to a classic. Love Is Strange is a beautiful song with a sparkling guitar that make me think of the rays of the sun in the morning. Another great Sunday morning playlist addition.


9. Joni Mitchell – Chelsea Morning

“And the first thing that I knew. There was milk and toast and honey… And a bowl of oranges, too.
And the sun poured in like butterscotch, and stuck to all my senses”


10. Sons of the East – Miramare

Last but not least, the beautiful Indie-Folk band Sons of the East with Miramare. I purposely put this is as the last song of this playlist. It starts of slow just like a Sunday morning day should be but gets more active after a while. Almost like the sun rises during the song. The perfect ending to a beautiful Sunday morning!


I ♥ Sunday mornings


Slow Coffee I Sunday Morning Playlist I Ella Was Here

As always, here’s the full playlist on Youtube. I had so much fun making this playlist and there will be more playlists like these to follow soon. A big thank you to my dad, as we compiled this playlist together. We both share a passion for music and I look forward to creating more playlists with him!


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