10 Breathtaking Hikes in the Lechtal: Austria Guide

10 Breathtaking Hikes in the Lechtal: Austria Guide

Last year, when I published some of the pictures I took during my holiday in the Lechtal in Austria, quite a few people contacted me for some popular hiking recommendations in the area. Back then I didn’t have enough content for a full post but this time around, I made sure I had some amazing views of the Lechtal to share with you, as well as some hiking routs I would recommend of course!

These hiking routes are the most beautiful in the spring or summer but autumn would work too. However autumn is considered to be the off-season in the Lechtal so touristy places might be closed, just so you are aware of that. In winter, you will highly likely not be able to do these hikes as it snows a lot in the area and most of the business and attractions are focused on winter tourism, skiing in particular. But if you’re planning a nature holiday in spring or summer I would highly recommend you check out the Lechtal in Austria! I mean, I go nearly every year and I am still not tired of the place.

1. The Lechtaler Panoramaweg starting from Bach

This route is especially beautiful because of the views and all the diverse flowers on the path. It is quite an easy route if you take the ‘Jöchelspitzbahn’ (a sort of ski lift which takes you a while up on the mountain) to your starting point. You could always start at the bottom of the mountain but the best views are at the top anyway and the ski lift will take you right where you need to be. Once you’re there just follow the arrows for the recommended routes. They will guide you along the way.

Level: Easy but appropriate shoes necessary. Children could do this route, accompanied by an adult of course.

pictures: 1-3, 6, 8-9 in this post.

2. Sulzlalm from Stockach

The Sulzlalm is located at the end of a beautiful track. At the end of the route you get the possibility to enjoy a drink and some well-deserved food at the Sulzlalm but don’t forget to pack some water for along the way. The best thing about this route is the caves you get to go through along the way. It’s not the most difficult route so experienced hikers might want to go past the Sulzlalm and go straight to the Simmshütte. My brother and father did just that while my mother and I had a drink at the Sulzlalm.

Level: Easy but appropriate shoes necessary. Children could do this route (until the Sulzlalm), accompanied by an adult.

Picture: 4-5, and on my instagram here.

3. Holzgauer Hangebrücke from Holzgau

If you aren’t afraid of heights, this route is the one for you! The little village Holzgau has the longest and highest suspension bridge for pedestrians in Austria and so it is well worth a visit. We crossed the bridge in the summer of 2017 and I cannot recommend it enough. You could just do the bridge, going up on one side of the mountain and getting down at the other side of the bridge, or you could go up on one side of the mountain and then stay higher up and do a longer route to Steeg or Bach for example.

Level: Easy but not for people who are afraid of heights. Children could do this route, accompanied by an adult.

Pictures: last year’s post here.

4. Kemptner hütte from Holzgau

Starting in Holzgau you could take the long route to the Kemptner hütte (which is actually located in Germany). This route is a little more adventurous and is not really recommend for first time hikers but the amazing views along the way (if the sky is clear) are what makes this hike worth mentioning. This is quite a popular route so you will have plenty of people to say hi to along the way.

Level: Medium. Appropriate attire including a raincoat and hiking shoes is essential.

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5. Kaiserjochhaus from Kaisers

The hike to the Kaiserjochhaus is one of my absolute favourites. You can get to Kaisers by bus or car (or just by walking but then you’ll probably need to leave before dawn if you actually want to be back in time before dark) and start from there. I would recommend doing it this way as you’ll get enough time to see the most beautiful parts of this route. Don’t forget your camera as I got some amazing pictures on this route last year. Oh and you might even be able to spot some Alpine marmots during this hike if you’re quiet!

Level: Medium. Appropriate attire necessary.

Pictures: last year’s post here.

6. Krabachtal from Steeg

The hike to the Krabachtal starting from Steeg is quite long so be sure to get out and on your way early. I’d say this isn’t a super popular route but that’s also part of its charm. You could walk for miles without running into someone. There’s very little shade during a big part of this hike so make sure you dress accordingly and check the weather before starting your trip.

Level: Medium. Children could do this trip, however it is a long hike so be aware of that.

Picture: 10.

7. Körbersee starting from Warth

Warth is technically just outside of Tirol (It is located in the region of Vorarlberg) but easy to do if you’re staying in the Lechtal valley. This is a popular route so on most days you won’t be the only one doing this trip, however don’t let that stop you from seeing the gorgeous Körbersee! We wanted to do this hike again last summer but unfortunately we ran into bad weather and had to cancel our plans for that day. If you’re staying in the Lechtal for more than a few days I would highly recommend you consider going on this trip.

Level: Medium. Children could do this trip, accompanied by an adult.

8. Hermann-von-Barth-Hütte from Elbigenalp

The route to the Hermann-von-Barth-Hütte is a bit more challenging than most of the others mentioned in this post. You will be ascending and later descending a lot so therefore this might be more of a route to do during your last days in the Lechtal when you’ve gotten into the habit of hiking every day. This is one that my brothers and my father love to do but my mother and I prefer a little less intensive hikes.

Level: Medium to difficult. 

9. Kneippanlage from Steeg

This is probably the easiest out of the 10 but I felt like I had to mention it as it is one we do every time we visit the Lechtal. This would be only a short 30-minute walk (of course if you start from different villages in the valley you could make an actual beautiful valley hike out of it) from the centre of Steeg to the Kneippanlage. Not sure what a Kneippanlage is exactly? Well… It’s actually a natural outdoor footh and arm bath. It is a form of hydrotherapy that stimulates the circulation of the blood within your body. Last time we were here in Steeg we had a nice chat with a local who visits the Kneippanlage every day. It’s perfect to do on a rest day, a day you don’t want to walk as much but you still want to experience something unique.

Level: Very easy. Perfect for families with small children.

10. Madau from Bach

And last but not least I just had to mention the route to Madau. This is one of my personal favourites and an absolute must in my opinion. You could take the easier route which is also made for cars to get to Madau but there’s also the possibility to take the more adventurous route, ‘The Madauer Erlebnisweg’ (see some pictures of this route in last year’s post). If you’re lucky and you happen to have clear skies, take a picnic and a good book with you. Madau is one of my favourite spots to read.

Level: Easy if you take the regular route and not the Erlebnisweg.

Pictures: last year’s post here.

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I hope this post gave you some more practical information for your next nature holiday to Austria. I of course did not mention all the beautiful routes to take and might update this next year, when we return to the Lechtal for another visit. I also decided not to mention the duration of the routes because it depends on how fast of a hiker you are, and all routes can be adapted to your own abilities. Most of these routes are day trips or half-day trips, with the intention of staying in the Lechtal valley overnight. Remember the most important thing is that you have fun being outdoors while enjoying the beautiful nature that Tirol has to offer.

If you ever end up visiting the Lechtal, let me know! I would love to hear your travel stories and see your holiday pictures!



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