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Making My Own Motivational Photo Journal

I created my own Photo Inspirational Journal ONLINE! I Ella Was Here

The online photo service, Fotofabriek, approached me a few weeks ago to see if I was willing to try their online photograph album editor. And of course I said yes! I love taking pictures and to be able to have them printed out in a lovely photo album was even better. But I didn’t want to create a plain old photo album so after giving it some thought I came up with the ‘Motivational Photo Journal’ idea.

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The Skincare Edit #1: Skincare products I’ve been trying out lately

Skincare products I have been trying out lately I The Skincare Edit #1 I Ella Was Here

I am always trying out new skincare products in order to one day find the perfect skincare routine. I do have sensitive and dry skin so I have to be careful with what I’m using though. For the past few months I have been switching it up yet again and I’ve discovered some new great brands and products. Here are the skincare products I’ve been using lately!

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Is Blogging Dead? Hell no!

Over the past few months I’ve seen a lot of people wondering whether blogging is dead or at the very least dying. This is a topic that tends to flare up every few years. Yes, we’ve had this discussion many times before. Ironically, most people saying blogging is dead, are writing blog posts on the topic (you know, ON THEIR ACTUAL BLOG). Now, I know a lot has been said about this topic already but I’ve got quite a few things to say so I thought I’d might as well write my opinion down on this little old blog too.
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A visit to the Botanic Garden of Meise

A visit to the Botanic GArden of Meise, Belgium I Visit Belgium I Ella Was Here

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a love for gardens and all things flower related. One of my favourite things to to do during spring, is visiting all of the beautiful gardens Belgium has to offer. Last year I showed you the Japanese Garden of Hasselt but I thought I’d take you to the Botanic Garden of Meise this time. Prepare to be amazed by an overdose of garden themed pictures!

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