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The ups and downs of blogging

Ups and Downs of Blogging by Ella Was Here

I have been blogging for about 10 months now. The majority of the time I have loved doing it but there have been a few times I felt a little down about my blog and blogging in general. Since I have been sharing a lot with you, I thought I would tell you about my ups and downs of blogging too.


The  Ups


1. The moment when someone tells you they love your blog

The moment a stranger contacts you via email or social media just to tell you how great your blog is, is absolutely one of the best feelings in the world. It still surprises me that strangers, people from all over the world, visit my blog. When I started blogging I never imagined that even a 100 people would enjoy reading what I had to say. I am so thankful and humbled by your support. Thank you!


2. Improving your blog and photography skills

There is a learning process to blogging. Even though I have been blogging for almost 10 months I learn something new every day. And that is a great plus to me. I learn from you, my readers. I learn from other bloggers. And I learn from myself, I get to know my own strengths and weaknesses. For example, I had to buy a DSLR for university but never really got enough lessons to actually be great at it. Blogging has improved my photography skills so much!


3. The support of other bloggers

When I started blogging, I could have never imagined that so many bloggers would be there to support me. They are there to cheer me up when I am feeling down about blogging or to help me out when I have a blogging-related question. Most bloggers are super supportive and I cannot thank them enough. I hope that I will be able to meet more bloggers in real life soon!


4. The challenge of blogging in another language

You probably know English is not my first language. I am from Belgium and speak Dutch/Flemish. Blogging in another language is a big challenge and I love it. Even though my English is pretty good, there is always room for improvement. Blogging is a great way to improve your English. Are you thinking of starting a blog but are you a bit put off because your English is not perfect? Just take a chance and do it. Start a blog! It will not be as easy as blogging in your own language but it is worth it.


5. Getting to know people from all over the world

Blogging is not bound to one country. People from countries all over the world read blogs or are bloggers themselves. Blogging often brings different cultures together. We live miles apart but can still talk to each other and feel connected. When I look at my blog stats I see that people from countries such as China, Pakistan and Brazil visit my blog. It is such a humbling feeling that people from all over the world read my little Belgian blog. Again, a big thank you!


The Downs


1. The technical issues you just cannot solve on your own

Technical problems can put a huge damper on blogging. When I have been working on something for days (sometimes even weeks) and it suddenly gets erased, I get really disappointed. Most of the times the problem is out of my own hands. You just have to wait and hope it gets fixed in a few hours. And when it doesn’t, I sometimes wonder if blogging is really worth it. Especially when I think about all the effort I put into it.


2. Money issues

Blogging comes, jut like most other hobbies, with a price tag. That tag can differ from blog to blog but most of us will need to give at least a certain amount of money to it. When you have to buy your own domain name and hosting for example. And because your blog means so much to you, you want it to be the best it can be. There will be times you just cannot afford to fix that blog problem or get that design you have had your eye on. And you feel like you are letting your readers (and yourself) down.


3. Comparing your blog to other blogs

I try not to compare my blog to other blogs that much. But there have been times in the past that I did. And again, I felt like my blog was not good enough. That I let you guys down again. And I know I should not feel this way because it probably is not true. But being insecure about my blog is something I need to work on. I am a perfectionist and I always want to be the best that I can be.

I always want to improve and a lot of times that is a good thing. However, sometimes you just need to be happy with what you have created. And that is hard for me. Maybe one day I can say ‘I am genuinely happy with this post that I have created’. One day, maybe.

I hope this post paints a more realistic picture of what blogging really is like. I am being very honest here because I do not want people to think that blogging is all cupcakes and rainbows. That said, I still love blogging and am not thinking of stopping. The ups are definitely the best part of this journey.

I love you guys,


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  • I’m new to blogging and reading this has enlightened me. Well done on getting this far x


    • Thank you lovely!
      I hope your blogging journey has been great so far 🙂


  • WhatIsLazDoing

    Hi Ella this is a great post. I’m a new reader of your site and have really enjoyed reading so far.

    Your English is so good as well, I’m certain that if you made no reference to your background, people would assume you were a native speaker. I speak Spanish but would never have the courage to blog in anything other than English!

    In the spirit of of learning I thought that you might like to know that to be “taken aback” is to be shocked, whereas I think you would actually want to use “put off” (sentence is Are you thinking of starting a blog…your English is not perfect).

    • Glad you enjoy reading my blog :).
      Thanks for the language tip, I am writing it down in my ‘common mistakes’ notebook!

  • Totally agree with you! I think these are true for just about every blogger out there. Blogging is not all cupcakes and rainbows for sure! Its something I enjoy doing, but it definitely takes hard work and dedication which can be unenjoyable at times.

    xo, simplydavelyn.com

    • If you don’t have dedication and a love for blogging, you probably won’t keep on blogging for very long. It’s hard work but doing what you love makes it worth it I think!

  • Totally agree with all of these, especially the ‘Ups’! Having someone tell you they love reading your blog or enjoyed a post in particular really feels amazing – makes all the work you put into blogging worthwhile! Also agree with it being a learning process; I only started in January and i’ve already learnt so much – its exciting! Comparing my blog to others blogs is definitely something I do and really need to learn to STOP doing lol – just like comparing ourselves to others, its damaging and can put me off at times. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! xo

    Sharan | essehearts.com

    • The ups are definitely the best part of blogging! I think we’re all insecure about or blog sometimes and that’s when we start comparing to other blogs. I guess it’s something we still need to learn to stop doing :).


  • Sharon

    Wow! I love this I must say I agree with absolutely everything. Blogging has its ups and downs but that’s what makes it more exciting! Lovely post darling


    • I am loving the ups of course and I think I need to learn how to handle the downs a little bit more. But you are right, blogging is super exciting and I love the journey it has been!

  • Celeste

    Found you while I was perusing through Twitter and I agree with everything you’ve said in this blog post. I’ve only been blogging for a few months and, in addition to what you’ve said above, I’ve already found out how easy it is to lose your focus. For example, I drifted into the land of beauty & fashion blogging (because it seemed that that’s what people wanted to read) when what I really wanted to do was blog about travels and cooking. That’s when you have to take a step back and break for a few days to refocus. 🙂



    • When I started blogging I wanted to blog mostly about beauty and fashion. Now, I find this blog transforming in more of a lifestyle blog, and I love it!


  • theblackblush blog

    Very true! I’m pretty recent to blogging too (just about 5 months) and I completely understant the points you wrote. I’m trying to not compare my blog with others and keep doing my best. That’s the hardest maybe and being so perfectionist about what I share is a problem too, but I love to blog 🙂
    Love this post!

    • Just keep on going, you love to blog so I’m sure your blog will keep on growing and people will keep on discovering it!


  • So true. But we always have to keep the fun in blogging!


    • That’s true, if I didn’t enjoy blogging I would have quit a long time ago 🙂


  • Very true, definitely ups and downs to blogging, but it’s mostly up if you put things in perspective! Just the fact that someone on the other side of the world whom you have never met reads the words you write from your laptop just baffles me. It’s like having a few hundred internet friends who all are interested in the same thing you are! It’s great!




    • Yes, that absolutely amazes me. People from all over the world care for what I have to say, it is such a humbling feeling!


  • Blogging definitely has its ups and downs and I think it’s good to talk about it and to share our feelings. I think I hit the lowest point at about the six month mark and bounced back but now wavering again. It takes so much work and I think it’s only human to worry that one’s efforts are not good enough. But then I think of the positives you mentioned and the connections made and realise it’s all worth it. 🙂

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s worried about their blog! You are right, the connections make it all worth it 🙂


  • I love seeing all those countries people read my blog in. I want to get one of those scratch off maps and make it for that!

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

    • That’s a genius idea, go ahead and do that!


  • I really enjoy when other people speak about blogging from their perspective, this made for an interesting read! I agree that receiving support and making friendships/connections all over the world is a definite positive 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Glad you enjoyed it Gabrielle, I love connecting with new people from all over the world. It is super interesting to get to know a bit about their lives and how they spend their weekends…

  • I really enjoyed reading this post, one of the things I find most amazing about blogging is definitely all the readers, I never imagined people would actually want to read my blog, let alone people from all over the world.

    Kristy | thevioletblonde.com

    • I know right?! It is crazy that people from all over the world want to read our posts 😀

  • Wonderful post and all so true. Just keep going – the more you do it, the better things will get! x

    • That’s true, It’s nice to see yourself improve 🙂 I will keep going, thanks for the support!

  • Allure Obsessed
    • Thank you lovely!

  • lauren

    I love blogging but I must admit comparing my blog to others is a thing I try my hardest not to do but end up doing it. Loved this post and your blog is really nice

    • Thank you so much!!

  • Hey Ella. I would not have known that English was not your first language. Your English is excellent. Better than that of most English people I know, actually…!

    • Haha, thanks Ray!!

  • Hi Ella!! I am flemish-spanish (live in spain) and totally get the whole writing in a non native language can be challenging sometimes! Myself have been blogging for about 3 months now and can already relate to everything in this post!! technical problems drive me craaazyyy lol and its indeed hard not to compare your work with others, on the other hand, there are always those days when you get nice comments and suddenly it makes it all worth isn’t 😉
    Leuke blog btw!!

    dikke kus, Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤


    PS: Shall we follow? 😉

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/yourbeautyscript/
    bloglovin: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/your-beauty-script-13547973

    • Dankuwel Josune!
      How is life in Spain?
      I’ve been trying to learn Spanish but it’s hard to improve as I don’t have anyone to talk Spanish to 🙂


  • Totally agree with all of the things you’ve said, especially the part where you talk about comparing blogs to your own. Has everything to do with being insecure.

    XO naomiinwonderland.com

    • It has, and we all know we shouldn’t compare but most of us still do it… I hope one day I can be happy with everything I have created 🙂


  • Both the ups and downs are totally relatable – although I’ve learnt to accept the downs in a positive light which makes blogging all the more fun I think 🙂 Great post.


    • I’m trying to do that as well :). Blogging is a journey and It has been a great experience!

  • I like that there are more up’s to blogging than downs for you, keeping it positive! I’ve never read a post like this before, enjoyed it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed it!


  • Both lists are so true! There’s nothing nicer than someone telling you that they enjoy reading your blog 🙂 Your English is brilliant! I definitely struggle with the technical side of blogging, especially coding for my layout, I can’t seem to get to a place where I’m happy with how my blog looks but, I can’t afford to pay for a design.

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    • Thank you so much :). Maybe I can help you out with your design. I’m totally not an expert and might not even be able to help out, but feel free to drop me an email!


      • Thank you so much Ella! I’ll try and drop you an email soon 🙂
        Carolyn xx

  • Totally agree with these points, it’s so easy to compare to other blogs and get a bit down but I think the positives totally outweigh any negatives! I do love this little community 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • The support other bloggers (and you) give me is just amazing. I couldn’t do this without you guys! Thank you!


  • Ayre

    I find blogging so enjoyable.. I have not yet decided to buy a domain name nor have I really paid anyone big money to design my blog for me.. Day after day, I feel like I’m getting closer to just choosing a template and paying someone for it, but I just haven’t found one that I really liked yet..


    • You finally caved and got a Disqus account! Glad to see you here 🙂

      I’m sure you’ll find a designer (or premade template) you like soon, there are so many great ones out there!

  • This was such a great post to read and I love the balance you’ve written. Your English is SO good, I couldn’t even begin to imagine writing in a language different to my mother tongue 🙂 You can definitely be genuinely happy with this post you’ve created 🙂



    • Aww, thank you so much. I worry about it sometimes, that people notice my English isn’t perfect.But I also like to improve and blogging really helps me with that!


  • I love your honesty in this post, Ella and yes, blogging is definitely not all cupcakes and rainbows (you forgot the unicorns 😉 ). I completely agree with all your points here and quite frankly, non bloggers have no idea how much hard work and time consuming blogging is. And the money…oh yes, how can we forget the money. I think my husband has gotten frustrated more than once with me due to the amount of products I purchased for the reason of ‘blogging’. I am passionate about what I do and I love the interactions with others but sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough, is my blog design good enough…we are our own worst critic.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I cannot believe I forgot UNICORNS, haha. That’s a horrible mistake!

  • Holly

    You’re completely right to be honest about this subject, Ella – more and more people are opening up about the down sides to running a blog, mainly because they want to help people, like you’re doing. Unfortunately there are still people who start a blog for the wrong reasons without realising what they’re getting into. I love running my online space and I have big plans. But we’re all human and of course I feel blue when I put so much work in and don’t see the results I want. But I say just keep believing – that’s the most important thing.

    Holly | abranchofholly.blogspot.co.uk

    • Exactly, and that’s also one of the reasons why I’m writing this post I think; to keep on believing and don’t lose focus 🙂


  • I completely agree with you on all of this Ella! Blogging is amazing, I do really love it but there are also bad sides to it too. I try to focus on the good sides though, and I do think there are more of them than bad, and I’m sure I have told you this before but I will say it again anyway, I really do love your blog and I think you are doing so well for still being relatively new to it all, keep doing what you are doing because you are doing great!!

    Hayley-Eszti | http://www.hayleyeszti.com

    • Thank you so much. I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve your support. You are amazing!!