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If you would like to contact me regarding a review on a product, a collaboration, a PR-event or anything else PR-related, feel free to email me at I also love hosting giveaways on my blog and social media. If you want to contribute to a giveaway or want me to host one on your behalf, I would love to hear from you!

Short introduction to Ella Was Here… I am a 24-year-old blogger form Belgium but love to blog in English, aiming at a wider, international public. I studied journalism & now like to write about lifestyle topics on my blog. If you’d like to know more about me, do read my About-page or just give me a shout on one of my social media.

Love, Ella

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All views and opinions are my own. My readers always come first. I will give my honest opinion. All sponsorships and paid for advertorials (should there ever be any) are disclosed within the respective post. You can also find the occasional add in my sidebar. I only do this to earn a little money to pay for the design of this blog (etc.). I may add to this disclaimer in the future.

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