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8 Lifestyle Books You Need in Your Life

I have always had a great love for books. In matter of fact, I really should put a temporary ban on my book buying habits. I just don’t have any more room to put even more books at the moment! But sometimes, I just can’t help it. Even though a big part of the books that I read are fiction novels I do fall in love with a great lifestyle book once and a while.

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A visit to the Japanese Garden in Hasselt

The Japanese Garden in Hasselt, Belgium, is one of my favourite places to visit for a relaxing walk during the weekend. It is absolutely breath-taking this time of year with the blossoms making the garden just a tad extra special. I didn’t have the chance to go during the spring time the past few years, but this year I finally made in time to see the garden in bloom!

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Is this what they call a ‘quarter-life crisis’?

Leuven Grote Markt I Quarter-life Crisis I Ella Was Here

I was taking a stroll around Leuven the other day trying to distract myself. I have been thinking a lot about growing up lately. I am continuously struggling between doing what I want to do versus what society wants me to do. And I know people say, you have to be yourself. It is your life, you choose what you want to do with it. But if I am completely honest, that is easier said than done.

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