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Nail Polish DIY Phone Case

Nail Polish DIY Phone Case I Ella Was Here

A few weeks ago my old phone died and you really can’t live without a phone nowadays, so I bought a new phone and a case to go along with it. However, when I finally got the case I noticed it was faulty. So I returned it and asked for a new one… And, believe it or not, the new one had the exact same issue! So this time I asked for a refund and since the case was faulty anyway, I was told to throw it away as the company had no use for it anymore.

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Picture Perfect: The Lechtal Valley in Austria

Tree view I Lechtal, Austria I Ella Was Here

This place, oh this beautiful part of the world. Breathtaking. Picture perfect I’d call it. The Lechtal Valley in Austria is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever visited. We have been coming here since we were kids. My parents started coming here before I was born, when it was just the 2 of them. This place is special to me. So I was overjoyed when we finally got to go back this summer.

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Ella’s Plant Diary #1

Ever since I moved out and got my own little apartment, I have loved adding greenery to my home. I never really payed much attention to plants before. However, I have grown fond of spending time with my plants. I think I’ve become a plant lady (I still love cats don’t worry). It is one of the rare moments I can truly relax, while I spend time with my plants (which almost sounds like spending time with your family or loved ones). Anyone else have this? No? Just me then.

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Is Rotterdam worth a visit?

To conclude my Rotterdam blog post series I thought we’d have a little chat about Rotterdam in general and if it really is worth a visit. I know many of you immediately think of Amsterdam when someone mentions the Netherlands. But to tell you the truth, there are so many other beautiful parts of the country. And Rotterdam might be something for you too!

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My favourite place in Rotterdam: Concept Store Keet Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the perfect place to discover new hotspots and cute little design stores. In my Rotterdam foodie guide I already talked about my favourite foodie hotspots, affordable places to eat. And I already briefly mentioned my favourite place in the whole of Rotterdam in that post too. But I just had to dedicate a whole post to Keet Rotterdam as I love this little place so much!

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