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I turned 26: 3 Life Lessons Worth Remembering

Yellow Tones I 3 Life Lessons Worth Remembering I Ella Was Here

I wrote this post during my busy birthday weekend during which I spent most of the weekend with my family, preparing for my family birthday party. But I really wanted to get a post down nevertheless. It has become some sort of a tradition to reflect on the past year when you turn a year older. And since 2018 will be a big year for me (there are some major changes coming up, I cannot wait to tell you all about them), I decided to tell you about some of the life lessons I learned in the past year.

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10 Things That Make Me Smile #4

Plants & coffee mug I 10 Things That Make Me Smile I Ella Was Here

I love the colder months. It’s my favourite time of the year! I can’t wait for December, to eat all the Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) candy and to start decorating for Christmas. There’s plenty of festive blog content on its way. But let’s just hold on with the Christmas blog content for just a little bit longer. I thought I’d take you through all of the things that have made me smile lately, before I actually do a dedicated December related one!

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Is this what they call a ‘quarter-life crisis’?

Leuven Grote Markt I Quarter-life Crisis I Ella Was Here

I was taking a stroll around Leuven the other day trying to distract myself. I have been thinking a lot about growing up lately. I am continuously struggling between doing what I want to do versus what society wants me to do. And I know people say, you have to be yourself. It is your life, you choose what you want to do with it. But if I am completely honest, that is easier said than done.

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