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6 months blogaversary Giveaway (Closed)

GIVEAWAY Dior Rouge Baume in 558 Lili // Ella Was Here

I am so excited to be finally hosting a giveaway on Ella Was Here. I will be blogging for 6 months on  27 December 2014, which seems like the perfect time to host my first giveaway. I never thought I would love blogging so much! It has been such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see what the next few months will be like blogging-wise.

I will not go too much into detail explaining why I love blogging and what I have learned the past few months as I will be doing a more elaborate post on that the 27th. So without further ado, on to the giveaway!

ON THE BLOG: Dior Rouge Baume in the shade Lili (558)

Dior Rouge Baume in 558 Lili GIVEAWAY // Ella Was Here

I am so super excited to be giving away this Dior lipstick! It is a moisturizing lipstick in a soft natural-looking pink. It is a hydrating and non-sticky lipstick. You will not need to wear a lip balm with it! I obviously cannot swatch this, as I do not have one myself and I do not want to touch yours but you can find a more detailed look at the Rouge Baume in the shade Lili here.

You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget at the end of the post. There is only one obligatory entry: comment and tell me about something (or someone) that makes you smile! I want my blog to be a place for happy thoughts and cheerfulness. So I feel like this is the right way to do this giveaway . Do not forget to read the giveaway rules first!

ON TWITTER: Elizabeth Arden Single Eyeshadow in shade Truffle

Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow in Truffle GIVEAWAY // Ella Was Here

I will also be giving away an Elizabeth Arden single eyeshadow in the shade 06 Truffle on twitter. Truffel is a brown matte shade and I would probably use this as a base or for a lighter eyeshadow look. The brown itself is pretty light but I believe it is suitable for every skintype and it will give you lots of options to combine with other eyeshadows! You can get a closer look here.

I will post a picture of this eyeshadow on my twitter and you will just need to follow me and retweet that picture.

Giveaway rules

  • IMPORTANT: There is only one obligated thing you need to do for the Dior giveaway. You just need to tell me about something (or someone) that makes you smile. You will be disqualified if you do not do this!
  • The Dior giveaway will run until 27 December 2014.
  • The Elizabeth Arden twitter giveaway will run until 20 December 2014, 12 a.m. Belgian time (GMT+1).
  • I would love to give all my readers a chance to win these prizes so it is OPEN WORLDWIDE.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify any fake entries from ‘giveaway accounts’.
  • All entries will be checked!
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Winners will be contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway has ended. If the winner does not reply within 72 hours a new winner will be chosen.
  • The winners will be announced right here AND on twitter.
  • You are responsible for any extra fees on your end, should there be any.
  • I will of course wrap the prize super well to avoid any breakages or scratches. I am however not responsible should the packages get lost in the post. I will get prove of postage.
  • If you are under 18 please ask your parents’ permission to participate in this giveaway.

UPDATE: The winner of the Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow is Ann-Katherin. The winner of the Dior lipstick is Taylor B. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • jay smith

    The sun peaking through my blinds in the morning reminds me of how beautiful life is.

  • Today I went to buy groceries and right outside the store was this little boy begging for money. He was really skinny and dirty and his clothes were torn. I handed him a few coins and then gave him an orange as well. He smiled so big when I gave him the Orange. He even thanked me! This had me smiling ass day. 🙂

  • My one year old son always makes me smile.

  • Marina Š

    My godmother:)

  • Kiran Parry


  • Katie Skeoch

    Fresh flowers in the house makes me smile

  • Ines Obradović

    My little one year old neece 🙂

  • Sara Cehennemden

    My three cats 😀

  • My kitten – Emma is very silly and do a lot of funny things that make me laugh. 🙂

  • Tina Ivanisevic

    My best friend!

  • Cat Culmer

    My little boy, Eli

  • Chen Antler

    my boyfriend makes me smile in the most unpredictable moments!

  • Veronica Murroni

    The smile of my family

  • Meriam Mattoussi

    my family and my boyfriend make me smile

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    my hubby makes me smile everyday <3

  • Coline T.

    My best friend make me smile every day! 🙂

  • antonella

    My dog

  • Marilena Kat

    my cat 😉

  • ioatsag@gmail.com


  • missamelie

    My family

  • Park Jung Min (SS501) I always see her video or photo and i will smile with him, because he’s so cute and also my mommy 🙂

  • Teagan

    Cute dogs make me smile

  • gina71

    My adorable and funny 4 yr old son and our dog Lucy

  • Courtney Bella

    my family especially when my kids say something silly that makes me smile!!

  • rosana

    My family

  • Ana Paula Barreto

    My family and my dogs!

  • Dessyslava Ionova

    The people and cats I love! 🙂

  • Damla_annabell_lee

    My husband makes me smile 🙂

  • Jess Howliston

    My children make me smile. Sometimes they are naughty, sometimes cheeky but a flash of their smiles makes my day 🙂 x

  • Chiara T.K

    I think It’s the same for me family and friends but there is a special person.. my little sister. I have a lot of really bad days but my day can be soooooo bad but if i see her i feel better. She makes me smile.

  • Daraya

    My family, friends, and dogs make me smile every day! 🙂

  • The extraordinary beauty of nature. I love sunrise! and now that Christmas is just around the corner, I’m loving the wind that brushes the trees and messes with people’s hair. 😀

  • Emmsie

    The bolt behavior of my dog :p

  • nina86

    Simple everyday little things. Thinking about Christmas day that will also be me and my boyfriend’s anniversary… Seeing people smiling after talking to you as a psychology trainee… My cats waking me up in the morning asking only for cuddles, not for food…

  • My son singing songs!

  • Michele Ziemann


  • mikro_papi

    Xristinaki makes me smile

  • Joy

    Whenever I see someone reading on the train, bus or just in general I smile. It means that the art of reading is not on the brink of extinction. I want people to read more and to enjoy reading. It’s such a great escape, but still people rather watch TV and open a book and be creative themselves.

  • Mindy Bel

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Cats make me smile 🙂

  • Paulina Rios

    My Family make me smile

  • fatima zahra

    since it’s winter,my cats get into my bed covers and the lie their heads on my shoulders or sometimes on my legs and they keep purring, that means that they are happy and content and being with them like hat after a long hectic day just makes me smile!

  • Viki Czire

    My pet lizards, my family and friends 🙂

  • Beth Atkinson

    a good hug with my mum x

  • Darby

    My hubby!

  • debbie

    my two sons danny and harry and my shitzu dog louie !!! you cant help but smile when you see there faces ! 🙂 awesome giveaway xx merry xmas

  • Jessica Grigsby

    My daughter make me smile, she’s such a character and she know how to make me smile.

  • Natalie G.E

    My family my friends and my little miniature poodle all make me smile 🙂

  • naoteesquecasdisso.blog

    Friends, Family, Photography, Shopping, Food, Christmas, Travel, Music, music make me very happy.

  • Travelling and taking pictures to document all my trips. I love to come home and show my family and friends where I have been




  • Dimana

    My hubby and a good lipstick ALWAYS make me smile 😉

  • Оксана Золотухина

    My dog makes me smile! He is such funny!

  • Karin Shaim

    my family makes me smile

  • Viktoria Lunina

    My mother and my friends

  • Andreea Cristi

    My dog and cats

  • Mary

    My boyfriend makes me smile! He’s such a prince ❤

  • Petra Kos

    This Christmas time makes me smile:)

  • Miri Weiss

    Videos with babies and dogs on YouTube – that’s what makes me smile ! 🙂
    Thank you, Ella, for the chance to win this beautiful lipstick shade ! ♥

    My Email : snow_white100@walla.co.il


    my brother’s little dog!

  • Laura Carneiro de Azevedo

    my amazing family makes me smile

  • oksana2372

    My family make me smile and when they happy and healthy 🙂

  • Diana Dia

    My little brother! <3

  • Alina Loloiu

    Seeing people I haven’t seen in ages!

  • Marisa Ferreira

    My boyfriend, he always know what to say to make me smile.

  • Cogito Ergosum

    my dog! 🙂


    Please contact
    me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

  • Ilaria Carraro

    My baby

  • Liliane

    My cats <3

  • Valeria Beccari

    I smile when I’m able to draw because I feel free from restraints and study obligations :3

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    babies !

  • Simoni Tiano

    My best friends 😀

  • vânia madureira

    My boo make smile everyday! <3

  • Dunja Hajdic

    my general manager. he’s the funniest, warmest and friendliest man in the world!

  • Naama A

    my two lovely dogs!

  • My dogs and my best friend! Also if I’m feeling down chocolate always helps, haha 😉

  • Samantha Tedesco

    To go to gym 🙂

  • Gracey

    Seeing people I haven’t seen in ages! 😀

  • Rose

    My little granddaughter makes me smile.

  • Anastasiya

    My cats and my love 🙂

  • sissy kat

    My cat!

  • Gaby

    my hubby!

  • Francesca

    My friends make me smile *_*

  • Grace Bertou

    my dogs (:

  • Florinda_82

    My family and mi lover <3

  • Trillina Palemi

    my lovely cats

  • Dorothy Whelchel

    My mom makes me smile.

  • Κατερίνα Μπαγλαντζή

    My little dog

  • huma sheikh

    My family makes me smile. ..:)

  • Elizabeth Pettit

    My precious toy poodle named Bob. 🙂

  • Cristina Popescu

    My boys make me smile!

  • Symon Caliandro

    My lovely dogs! 🙂

  • anatpk

    If I see nice dog

  • Vivid Laughs

    All the quirky habits of my friends make me smile! (rafflecopter name: Laura S.)

  • betsy cortez

    pg wodehouse books

  • Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk

    My little girl’s laughter.)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sil G

    Hanging out with my sister! We always have a good time 🙂

  • Alexey Petrov

    Smile of my daughter 🙂

  • Patrícia M.

    All about Christmas, there is no better time in the year as this.

  • vava

    Laughing with my husband and his family and having a good time .

  • Thais Magalhães

    My friends make me smile! <3

  • Catarina Paulo

    When the love of my life looks at me… 🙂

  • Gemma Nyan Kazehaya

    Kpop make me smile *_*

  • Lena Dmitrieva

    My frinds make me smile

  • Srna kulik

    My boyfriend makes me smile every day when he brings me coffee in the morning before he goes to work 🙂

  • Lulu

    Seeing my cute silly puppy makes me smile every time)
    Rafflecopeter: Olesia Flegka

  • Divya Asha

    One funny guy named ‘Safi’ in my office makes me smile a lot 🙂

  • chelsea forseth

    Seeing my parents this Christmas makes me smile!

  • Kat

    My son makes me smile!

  • Valerie Theberge

    My family, my friends, my life 🙂

  • Simona Dotsika

    my dreams…

  • Debora

    When the guy that I like makes me laugh 🙂

  • Mary María


  • Stephanie Hartley

    Putting the christmas decs up makes me smile

  • Mai Tran

    Thinking about my lovely Weimaraner makes me smile every day.

  • Jelena Kovačević

    My dog makes me smile

  • My family 🙂

  • Colleen Boudreau

    My cat always makes me smile.

  • Hey sunshine! So much things can make me happy – gifts, friends, books and movies. When I’m watching them I’m feeling soo good, better! :)) Wish you luck with your giveaway, also with your blogging journey!
    Life with Rossye

  • williamgould

    Coming home from work, walking into a nice warm house, and my darling wife just starting to serve up the evening meal makes me smile!

  • Cosy nights in & a pamper make me smile 🙂



  • Debbie creasey

    My 2 dogs make me smile and my hubby:)

  • Catarina Gonçalves

    What makes me happy is my family ! They are the best thing i have in my life! I feel happy too when i make good things for other people it’s a nice feeling! thank’s to this question 🙂

  • Things that make me smile, reading good Blogs, writing, family , cats, guinea pigs. xox


  • What makes me smile? Hmm.. I to make my friends and family smile and if they are happy I’m happy! Simple as that 🙂
    I just discovered your blog through Google+ and am so glad I did! Keep up your work!
    xx Ann-Kathrin


  • Congrats on your 6 months of blogging!!!!! What makes me smile is seeing someone’s face once you’ve surprised them whether with a gift or turning up unexpected. All the best and luck with your blog! han x

  • Amazing giveaway! Congratulations on blogging for 6 months hunnie, you are doing SO well! I’m sure another 6 months will fly by soon.
    The thing that makes me smile most is my boyfriend. Ughh sorry for being cheesy haha! 🙂 He supports me through everything (especially lately!) and is always doing anything he can to make me smile. I feel truly blessed to have him ^_^

    Hope you’re having a lovely week! 🙂
    Jemma xx

    • Thank you Jemma :).
      It makes me happy that you’re happy!


  • My 2 kids make me smile with just about anything sweet they do, my friends make me smile when they crack a joke or just by being themselves and finally, putting up Christmas decorations, that puts the biggest smile on my face, every single year.

    • We are so late with putting up Christmas decorations this year! But it definitely puts a smile on my face as well :).


  • Zoe

    Thanks for the giveaway! My friends make me smile the most – I love them! xx


    • My friends make me smile too! Good luck 🙂


  • SaraPags

    I love reading through my blog comments! It always makes me smile.
    Sara xx

    • Ah me too :), It is amazing to know that someone actually took the time to read and comment!


  • Bo Hi

    Meeting up with someone I haven’t seen for ages and just chatting for hours with a cup of hot coffee 🙂

    • Oh yes, I have a bunch of friends living far away and I’d love to just be able to get a cup of coffee with them and chat 🙂


  • It’d have to be everytime I get a comment on my blog xx

    • Oh me too 🙂 I’m just starting to get regular readers and they always comment. They make me so happy!


  • Genevieve L

    The first time I hear a christmas song in the holiday season 🙂 great giveaway!


    • Ohh, wht’s your favourite Christmas song? Or maybe you have more than one favourite?


  • Paige Sime

    When I get an email to say someone has started following my blog! That always makes me so happy! 🙂
    Paige x

    • Oh yes, I love that feeling too. It is just so amazing to know that someone actually likes what you’re writing!


  • Astra

    My honey makes me smile ( :

    • Aww, that’s so cute!
      Good luck 🙂


  • christina07

    When it snows here I smile because it looks so clean & pretty.

    • I’m hoping for a white Christmas because I love snow 🙂 but I don’t think it’ll happen though :(…


  • silviabia

    My cats make me smile a lot: when they are streching sunbathing, when they are playing and running around the house, when they stare at me with a sad face because they want food (or they want a cuddle ahah), when they purr because they are happy, when they jump to my bed and take over the place, when they are just sleeping curled up,…*-*
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • I have 2 cats so I know the feeling, they always make me smile!


  • laura nereyda

    When i wear lipsticks i always smile because it makes me feel confident,pretty and happy

    • That’s great Laura! Good luck 🙂


  • What a great giveaway! My dogs make me smile so much, espicially when they are as happy seeing me as I am seeing them!

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    • Ohh, what type of dog do you have? I don’t have one right now but I would love to have one when I move!


  • Thank you so much for this giveaway, Ella, fingers crossed because that would be my first Dior lipstick! What makes me smile? My boys, yes, my husband is a boy too…or at least in his mind he is. LOL! It may sounds so cliche but my 3 boys are the main reason for my smile. xx

    Reflection of Sanity | Smashbox Giveaway

    • That’s not cliche at all! Or well maybe a bit 🙂 but I would love to have such a loving family like yours one day!


  • This is such a wonderful giveaway Ella! Hmm, what makes me smile? I would say Christmas but I’m worried you cut all contact with me 😉 My family makes me smile, perfect landscape photos, good news either for myself or others, travelling to beautiful places.. I could go on forever! 🙂



    • Also, why on Earth were we not connected on Bloglovin’ before now?! Thanks again for this fabulous giveaway!

      Gabrielle x

    • Haha, everybody loves Christmas in blogger world! Perfect landscape photo’s ohh, I am so with you on that! And travelling, yes one day I’ll travel the world! Maybe we’ll meet then!


  • My daughter laughing and giving me morning cuddles always makes me smile, no matter how gloomy the day is.

    LindaLibraLoca Beauty, Baby and

    • That is such a lovely comment. It also made me smile!


  • YOU make me smile! I’m so glad to have found your blog right from the early days, and it is one of my favourite places to visit on the web. You come across so genuine and lovely and you always have such nice things to say, not only to me but ladies in the blogging world in general. You blog for the right reasons, it’s so clear that you love it and that’s what it is all about! ♥


    • Thank you for this massive compliment lovely! I am so honored to be able to call you my ‘online friend’ (if that’s really a thing :p).


  • taylor bates

    That picture of the Dior lipstick makes me smile… I’d love to have it in my collection! 🙂 x

    • It is a beauty 🙂