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23 things I learned in 23 years

23 lessons I learned in 23 years // Ella Was Here

I recently turned 23 (happy belated birthday to me!). And I cannot say that my life has always been easy. I will probably still face plenty of challenges. But I have learned from the hurt and loss I experienced in the past. Here’s to the 23 life lessons I learned in 23 years.

23 life lessons in 23 years . . .


1. Your weight does not define you. You are not a clothing size. And nobody should be able to convince you otherwise.

2. Life is fragile. It takes strength to get through the tough times. Never give up.

3. Loss does not get easier through time, you just learn to live with the pain.

4. Not everyone will have your best interests at heart. Those that don’t aren’t worth fighting for.

5. Growing up does not mean that you need to forget what it was like being a child. There is nothing wrong with holding on to those happy childhood memories.

6. Not everyone will care about you as much as you do about them.

7. Gone does not mean forgotten.

8. Your feelings aren’t less important than everyone else’s. Sometimes it is okay to put yourself first, although you seldomly do.

9. Trust needs to be earned. Don’t just give it away.

10. Crying does not show weakness. It only shows that you have been strong for a very long time.


11. It is okay not to be okay.


12. You are not what your bullies deem you to be. You are your own person. How they behave says way more about them than about you.

13. You can’t change the world on your own. But that does not mean you should stop trying.

14. Don’t take anything for granted. You won’t know what you miss until it’s gone.

15. You are beautiful. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. You will one day meet someone who loves you for who you are, the good and the bad included.

16. People will judge you no matter what you do. There will always be someone who doesn’t think you’re good enough. And that should not hold you back.

17. Money isn’t everything. But it can sure help a lot.

18. You can be more than one thing. You do not need to be true to the label people stick on you. It is your life.

19. It is okay to be different. Different doesn’t mean bad.

20. Don’t live your life through a screen.

Put your phone down.

Switch your laptop off &

experience the world through your own eyes.


21. It is okay to ask for help. You do not need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

22. You don’t need to live your life the way society tells you to. Go your own way.

23. Never give up on your dreams. They may still come true, one day maybe.


Love, Ella

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  • Kirsty Haynes

    Lovely post. ‘It’s ok not to be ok’. I really like that as it’s something I say regularly. You know when you see someone down or even crying and our instinct reaction is to say ‘Cheer up’, but I stay away from saying that. I usually say ‘I can cheer you up if you want me too, but if you want to feel sad, that’s cool too’. It’s sometimes nice to have a lil cry haha



    • That’s a great reaction. You should like an amazing supportive friend to have!


  • Great post!! <3

    • Thank you so much lovely!!! X

  • Happy (belated) birthday! I loved this post, especially since I turned 23 this year too 🙂 Hope you have a great day xx

    • Oh, a late happy birthday to you too! (I might have already said that but I forgot if I did :p)

  • Great list! These are all so true! Hope this next year is an amazing one for you 🙂

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    • I hope so too, I hope to achieve some great things while I’m 23!

  • Happy belated birthday, Ella! Number five is really sweet and number fourteen is something I’ve been working on over recent months, so thanks for the well-timed reminder! 🙂 Oh and number twenty-three is a fantastic point – one I want to shout from the rooftops for everyone to remember about themselves! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • It is isn’t it?! I have to remind myself of the thins in this post too sometimes. Especially number 23, It is easy to forget!


  • Be

    These are some great advice! I love this post, Ella!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    • Thank you Be!


  • Stunning post and YES to #3! I think a lot of people tend to forget that, wonderfully written.

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

    • Thank you so much 🙂


  • I really love this post, so positive and important to remember! Happy belated birthday gorgeous! x

    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

    • Thank you lovely!


  • This was refreshing! Thanks Ella! You gave me an idea for my 30th 😉

    • Glad it was inspirational to you Elre!

  • Happy belated birthday, Ella and wise words for such a young woman, what a great read. And yes, especially to no. 1. I wish more people have that wisdom in them, maybe eating disorder won’t be such a serious issue. :-/

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you Shireen!

  • Florinku

    Happy Birthday Ella! 🙂 Still young, plenty yet to discover and learn! Live your life

    • Thank you so much!

  • Great post! I needed some positive words at the moment! 🙂

    X Marjolein

    • Hope you’re feeling okay Marjolein!


  • Yes, yes, YES to all of these! So many positive and important words! I’m 23 this year too 🙂



    • It’s important to stay positive through bad experiences 🙂 I hope this helps someone!


  • Good blog Ella. I think I agree with all of those.

    No 11 is very profound.
    No 13 is what keeps me going every day
    I really should try harder with no 20….!

    p.s. Happy belated Birthday…!

    • Thank you Ray!