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12 Affordable places to eat in Rotterdam

Nacho's I Affordbale places to eat in Rotterdam I Ella Was Here

I was in desperate need of a little city break so we decided to go for a little weekend away to Rotterdam, a vibrant and lively city in the Netherlands. I live in Belgium so it wasn’t too far away and we got there without any delays. I feel like there is no better way to start of my Rotterdam post series with a mouth-watering blog post for all of you food-lovers.

If you are a foodie like me, you will absolutely fall in love with this city. There are so many affordable places to eat and I am not even embarrassed to say we ate way too much over there. But the food was just so good. And we couldn’t resist all of the deliciousness.


So without further ado…

12 places for foodies in Rotterdam


1. Go for some delicious tapas and a drink at Boca’s

We encountered this little bar the first evening, when we went exploring Rotterdam and came back the next day as the food we had was so delicious and super affordable! The atmosphere at Boca’s is superb, with super friendly staff and enough room to sit outside and enjoy the fantastic weather while eating some mouth-watering food.

Nachos ‘Extravaganza’ €7,50, Plate with 3 bags of fries: curly fries with truffle mayonnaise, French fries with mosterd mayonnaise & sweet potato fries with cumin mayonnaise. €7,50. 

We also had the calamares with black garlic aoili (€7,50) but we just devoured it so quickly so no pictures unfortunately. I would absolutely recommend everything we’ve had and there are many more delicious things on the menu! I really need to go for another tasting session. I seriously would go back to Rotterdam for their food!


–   Details   –

Open: 7/7

Address: Mauritsweg 43

– – –


2. Go for a quick but sublime dinner at Sugo’s Pizzeria

Okay, I just had to mention this pizza place. The pizza we had there is without a doubt one of the best pizzas I have ever had. Their choices for pizza toppings are really unique (potato for example!) and there is plenty of choice. We decided on 2 different pieces so I was able to taste test different pizzas. And I wasn’t disappointed, the dough is so fluffy and crunchy, just perfect and the toppings were really delicious as well!

Sugo’s is really affordable too, it’s a great alternative to all the fast food restaurants in Rotterdam. Instead of going to McDonalds of KFC, do go to Sugo. It’s a million times better!

Where to eat in Rotterdam I Pizza Sugo's I Ella Was Here

Prices for a slice of pizza vary from €3,4 to €4,20.  


–   Details   –

Open: 7/7

Address: Aert van Nesstraat 20

– – –


3. Have a healthy lunch at Gys

We stumbled upon this place by accident (we were really hungry and needed a little break from the hot weather) and I am so glad we did. This was the perfect healthy alternative as we had been having quite ‘unhealthy’ food for the past few days.

Tip: There are plenty of vegetarian options here too!

Sticky Turkey Sandwish with paprika, taugé, salade & lemon mayonnaise €8


 –   Details   –

Open: 7/7

Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 182

– – –


4. Taste some Mediterranean food At Ayla’s

Mediterranean restaurant Ayla is close to the central station in Rotterdam and has a lovely outside terrace to sit and relax while you’re having your dinner. Their food is a little bit more extraordinaire so if you are in for a bit of an adventure I would definitely recommend going to Ayla. We had some absolutely divine tapas there and I would definitely return if I ever have the chance to. They have a great cocktail bar with many different options as well, perfect if you’re looking to cool down after a busy day of exploring!

Interesting fact: this restaurant has gender neutral bathrooms, props to Ayla!

Note: This is definitely the most pricey place to eat on this list, but if you just go for one or 2 tapas it is definitely affordable!

Rotterdam Where to Eat I Ella Was Here Rotterdam where to eat I Ella Was Here

Chicken with pumpkin chutney, coriander & almonds €10, Pork (Iberico) woodford bourbon, onion €12


– Details –

Open: 7/7

Address: Kruisplein 153

–   –   –


5. Breakfast, coffee & design at Keet Rotterdam

I don’t want to give too much away about this little place just yet, as I’ll be mentioning it in another post soon. But this is my 100% favourite place to shop for design in the whole of Rotterdam. You can have a little browse in the shop while having a coffee and a little cake in between. We got there early in the morning, around 10 am, and I’d say that’s the perfect time to go, there’s almost no one there and you can have a relaxing shopping experience!

Keet Rotterdam, Hotspots in Rotterdam I Ella Was Here

–   Details   –

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Mondays

Address: Oppert 2A

– – –


6. Go for a takeaway coffee at the Man Met De Bril Coffee Cafe

Recently been chosen as the best coffee in the Netherlands, a coffee lover like me just had to go for a little taste test. Their head office and coffee bar is at walking distance from the Rotterdam central train station. I’m pleased to say Man Met De Bril (translated, Guy With Glasses) didn’t disappoint. Such rich, flavourful coffee! Plus, I love that you can see how they make the coffee right there. It is a coffee lover’s heaven!

The only negative point for me would have to be the noise, there was a lot of noise in the shop and even though there was room enough to sit I just couldn’t as it was too loud for me. Which is why I’d recommend taking a coffee to go. Definitely pay a visit to Man Met de Bril as it was one of the best coffees I have ever had.

Man met de Bril coffee in Rotterdam I Best coffee in the Netherlands I Affordable places to eat and drink in Rotterdam I Ella Was Here

–   Details   –

Open: 7/7

Address: Vijverhofstraat 70

– – –


7. Ice cream is just a necessity

There are many good ice cream places in Rotterdam and it is just a necessity on a hot day. I mean, any excuse to eat another ice cream right? The ice cream shop we ended up visiting was right in the middle of the shopping street, so perfect for a little break in between stores.

–   Details   –

Capri Ijssalon

Open: 7/7

Address: Karel Doormanstraat 334

– – –


8. Sweet tooths, there’s something new in town for you!

The first ever cookie dough store, Baker’s Dough, opened just before we arrived in Rotterdam. So of course we had to have a look and a little taste test. For those of you who have never heard of this snack, cookie dough is just a bit of unbaked cookie, in case you were wondering. When you enter the store you can choose between 4 different doughs, 3 different sizes and then choose your toppings.

We each took a small & chose 2 toppings, which was certainly enough! I feel like a small was already big! Personally, this dessert or, afternoon snack, or even breakfast (?) was a little too sweet for me but I can totally understand why people love it. And for the price you certainly can’t go wrong.

The original Baker’s Dough (small) with oreo’s & raspberrys as toppings €2,95


–   Details   –

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays

Address: Pannekoekstraat 82A

 – – –


 9. Afternoon tea at the Ten to Three Bakery

I feel like you definitely need to have a love for cupcakes (I love cupcakes, but you probably knew that already) if you want to visit this bakery. Cupcakes in overload and a perfect place for you tea lovers! This place is the absolute cutest with its pink & white vintage interior!

2 tiny cupcakes each for €1,40.

–   Details   –

Open: 7/7

Address: 24 Aert van Nesstraat

– – –


10. Go on a little culinary discovery expedition in the Markthal

Food halls are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Markthal in the city centre of Rotterdam is definitely a must-visit. Admire the unique design while eating lots of delicious food. There really is something for everyone in there, for the sweet tooth, for the culinary specialist, even for the little ones. From Asian, to French, to Italian food. I wasn’t lying when I said that there’s something for everyone in the Markthal!

–   Details   –

Open: 7/7, Sunday from 12 am to 6 pm.

Address: Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298

– – –


11. In need of a detox? Try one of the healthy juices at Sajoer

I previously read a lot of good reviews of the Sajoer juice bar & cafe so I just had to add it to the to visit list. And I’m happy to say we weren’t disappointed. The freshly-pressed juices we had were absolutely delicious and if we weren’t there quite late I would have tried one of their delicious-looking breakfast bowls too!

Coconut Berry Smoothie €4,50

–   Details   –

Open: 7/7

Address: Botersloot 46a

– – –


12. Breakfast is a must at Bertmans

Last but definitely not least, you should definitely go for breakfast at Bertmans! We had breakfast at the hotel already but decided to have a late breakfast at Bertmans nevertheless. And honestly, this was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever head. The food was absolutely divine, the coffee was topnotch too. The staff was really nice and the interior design of this place is gorgeous!

Plus, there are lots of vegetarian and vegan options at Bertmans. You won’t be disappointed when you eat at Bertmans!

buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, banana, amandelmilk, maple, cashew and whipped cream. €7,75  Iced Coffee €3,75


–   Details   –

Open: 7/7

Address: Zaagmolenkade 15

– – –


Made it all the way to the end? Congrats! Does this post make you want to go to Rotterdam? Then keep an eye on Ella Was Here as I have more Rotterdam posts coming up soon!

Love, Ella

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