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10 things that make me smile #2

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I wrote a similar post about the things that make me smile a long time ago. As a matter of fact it was one of the first posts on this blog. And since it has been such a long time, I thought it was about time I did one again!


Smile Often, Dream Big

1. Netflix

I finally got Netflix a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying it so much. Some of my favourite shows are on there (Merlin, Once Upon A Time, Orphan Black) and I have discovered some amazing new things to watch too. I am super happy that they are going to lift the country restrictions soon, even more great shows to watch!

2. Photoshop

My Photoshop-skills have been somewhat rusty lately. I have been polishing them up and it feels great to be able to do those things again! I don’t Photoshop my face or any other parts of my body but I enjoy editing photos like the one in this post.

3. Other blogs

I follow so many blogs that it is hard to keep up with them all. But lately I have been able to keep up with them rather well. And I also have been browsing through ‘Blogs I love’-posts (you can find my page here) on other blogs and have discovered so many amazing new blogs because of that!

4. Flowers

I have been making an effort and have been buying a lot more flowers (to put in vases) lately. They brighten up the place so much and bring more colour to my life!

5. Tumblr

I had some doubts about making a tumblr but after being conflicted about it for a while, I finally did. And I have been using it so much, I love love love it! There’s so much inspiration on there and you know I can’t resist a good gif once and a while. Tumblr is perfect for that! You can find me here.

6. Alessia Cara

I really like her songs. They make me want to dance around in my room and just sing along!

7. Cupcakes

Preferably chocolate ones, with lots of frosting. I know they aren’t exactly the healtiest thing but oh they are delicious!

8. Homeware 

I love decorating! I just need a proper apartment and some money to start first. Scandinavian design and everything copper really gets my attention. I also made a list of homeware stores (with European or international delivery) which is published on this blog here. There are some great stores on that list, so you better check that out!

9. Stationery

It really is becoming an addiction. There are so many cute notebooks, planners and pencils out there and I want all of it. Well, not all of it but more than I have now. That’s okay right?

10. You guys

Your support is so encouraging and it makes me smile every day. I feel so lucky to have you guys reading and sharing my posts. Thank you!

Love, Ella

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  • Ooh all of these!! Especially stationary. Candles, cuddles and new makeup make me happy. 🙂

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    • NEW MAKEUP, definitely!

  • Tswift and flowers totally make me smile too! 😀


    • Taylor is just so cool. What did you think of the Bad Blood music video?

      • You know, I was actually a little disappointed! I was so excited because of all of the sneak peeks she posted on Instagram, but in the actual video it just seemed like she tried to get every celebrity she could into the video without much of a plot line lol. What did you think?

        • Yes totally agree with you! And I like the original song better, without the rap part 🙂

  • Ditto on no. 8 & 9! =)


    • 🙂 Thanks for reading

  • This is such a fun post to read! I’ve been meaning to start watching Merlin for a while but I keep forgetting. Thanks for reminding me!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

    • It really is one of my all time favourite shows! I’ve watched all 5 season 2 times already :). Have any Netflix recommendations?

      • I don’t watch anything on Netflixs so I don’t know what’s popular there. Lately I’ve been loving The Blacklist and Outlander. 🙂

        • I like The Blacklist but haven’t watched Outlander, will put it on my list. Thanks!

  • Aisha

    This post is so cute!


    • hihi, thank you!

  • Chloe Barnes

    Love this!!! With you on the love for Netflix loving once upon a time at the moment!! <3
    Chloe xx

    • Oh, so good to hear you like OUAT too. Who is your favourite character?

  • This is such a lovely post!

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com


    We have similar taste on Netflix, Merlin and once upon the time are my favorite too, try Agent Of Shield and The Reigns you might like it too.


    • Oh, thanks for the recommendations. Will definitely check those out!

  • Samantha Mariko

    it’s the simple things 🙂 cute post!

    • It is, the little things make me so happy 🙂

  • This is such a nice post! Chocolate cupcakes with lots of frosting make me happy too 🙂

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    • You can never have enough chocolate!

  • Honeypot Blogs

    This is such a lovely post! Flowers make me happy too!xx


    • What’s your favourite type of flowers?

  • Ayre

    I love this list! Taylor Swift makes me happy, too! I feel like I’m the only one that still doesn’t have Netflix..


    • This is only my first month on Netflix though 🙂 & we’re sharing prices so I’m liking it so far. I don’t think it’s something you need to have though!

      <3 Taylor Swift

  • Stacey Louise

    I love posts like this! So good!

    fixmeinfortyfivex.blogspot.co.uk – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    • Glad you like it!

  • I love hearing and reading these similar type of posts. Positive thoughts make me smile 😉

    XO naomiinwonderland.com

    • Glad this made you smile lovely!