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I have a confession to make

The Perfect Blogger Ideal I Ella Was Here

You might think while reading this post; why is she writing this on her blog? This is weird! You aren’t supposed to say these things on your blog, that’s like stepping out of the blogger persona. But I like to believe that being honest, upfront, is the right thing to do. And today…

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Nail Polish DIY Phone Case

Nail Polish DIY Phone Case I Ella Was Here

A few weeks ago my old phone died and you really can’t live without a phone nowadays,ย so I bought a new phone and a case to go along with it. However, when I finally got the case I noticed it was faulty. So I returned it and asked for a new one… And, believe it or not, the new one had the exact same issue! So this time I asked for a refund and since the case was faulty anyway, I was told to throw it away as the company had no use for it anymore.

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Picture Perfect: The Lechtal Valley in Austria

Tree view I Lechtal, Austria I Ella Was Here

This place, oh this beautiful part of the world. Breathtaking.ย Picture perfect I’d call it. The Lechtal Valley in Austria is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever visited. We have been coming here since we were kids. My parents started coming here before I was born, when it was just the 2 of them. This place is special to me. So I was overjoyed when we finally got to go back this summer.

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